Windows Vista and Linux Ubuntu Quick Comparison

This is my rant on the 2 rival operating systems. I have not included Apple OS’s because Apple OS’s require Apple hardware to run, and most Mac users are brainwashed enough to believe their OS is superior.

Windows Vista

Some argue the worst operating system ever released based on its hardware and software incompatibility. Who am I to disagree? Well I guess it can do more than Windows 95, but considering its release date, surely you would expect this. To be fair somethings have improved in this eternal failure of an OS, noticeably the wireless networking, its much easier to configure. There is no doubt about it, its slower than its predecesor XP, but I, having used this operating system for 4 months, I can tell you, it is a more stable operating system than XP. Vista is the greatest disappointment to computing since Windows Millennium.

As for overal quality – even without service pack 1 of this OS, its still a complete product, but… and this is a huge but… it does not solve the fundamental flaw in ALL MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEMS.
This flaw is essentially what might make windows loose the desktop war entirely to emerging operating systems like uBuntu. The flaw is trivial. With every new piece of software you install, windows operating systems get slower and performance degrades heavily. So re-installing a fresh copy of the OS, gives you PC a new boost of life, until you reinstall the required programs, then again that performance is lost. Also if you are really into computers, you will want to try out new software, this means installing, then uninstalling, games, applications and pretty much anything interesting… The windows registry suffers severly, and even 3rd party programs that claim to fix this DO NOT!
If Microsoft could fix this flaw… then Windows would be a far better OS, this is the achilles heels of a windows based operating system. Instead, they’re trying to bring us flashy windows that can twirl on our screen. Note: If you’re a linux fan boy, don’t sniggle at this either, or dare I mention Compiz?

Linux uBuntu
I have choosen this build since I believe it is the most user friendly of all the Linux builds, also the variablt KBuntu which is a windows looking build for windows users wishing to try the world of Linux. Linux is quick, swift and lean, from what I have seen. It does not offer all the Frills of windows, but this is actually refreshing, if you are after an OS that does not consume all your resources.

These are my problems with Linux… firstly even if I wanted to switch to Linux – I could not – and I guess no true .net developer could… .Net developers are tied into using windows – cause they develop windows based software.

If you are not a .net developer, and if you are just a simple user, you too are going to battle to enjoy even uBuntu – the simple version. You do need to be a bit of a computer geek to use Linux, this was the case, and unfortunately it still is (edited 2008 and unfortunately still is). You need to know about using the command line, editing config scripts, and get this – even downloading source code, and having to compile the source code of programs you want to use yourself. This is kind of unacceptable since its 2007. In this respect windows is worlds ahead of Linux, I have never had to compile the source code for a program to get it to run on windows… Unless I wrote it myself. Also in the world of Linux expect prerequisites and versions of the prerequisites to get things running. This means that to install 1 application, you might need to first install 4 other applicatins (for example), and each one requiring an exact version, and each one requiring you to build the app from the source code yourself… almost like DIY. This is where I draw the line. I have other interests in my life, and if Linux can’t make it easier to install a piece of software then I have my doubts about Linux. Certainly for most of us the only information we can get of Linux is out of geeks who actually use Linux, and most of these guys have a personal war on against Microsoft, or are young school kids, so I always doubt the validity of their claims.
In any event its down to the basics, Linux is hard to use, even the easy versions…