Acer 9920, Why I eventually just bought a Sony

I would like to thank Acer for the terrible service I have recieved from them. I really want to thank them because they prevented me from making a huge mistake, and that would be buying one of their products. After 1 month of patience with dealing with Acer, I have decided that their service really leaves a lot to be desired, thank fully I will not have to re-encounter such crap service from them again.

Am I knocking the product? No absolutely not, I did not get to recieve the product, even though I tried to purchase it many times. A laptop not in hand is a laptop I can’t comment on or review.

Despite my best efforts to purchase the Acer Aspire 9920, I found it an impossible mission for the following reasons. I only stuck it out so long because I was interested in this particular model of notebook. But I am since relieved having not purchased this oversized piece of trash.

1. Acer do not deal directly with the public, and there staff are seriously lacking in the PR department. For example – the only number listed for Acer in the country where I was trying to purchase is in fact a service division of which no one there knew the contact details for PC purchases or dispatch.
2. Acer Suppliers have an equally difficult time in getting any info out of Acer. Acer Suppliers simply can’t get it right to provide the correct info back to the client, instead they attempt to cover up the mistakes of Acer….

At one point in time I very nearly had my hands on an Acer Aspire 9920, however… it arrived to the computer shop where I ordered it… and guess what… it was broken… it did not even turn on… so now here comes the lovely suprise… it went to the service center… where it lay there for a week…. once I found out they were going to try and sell me this already broken laptop (bearing in mind its not a cheap deal) I decided to cancel the whole dealing with Acer and Co… and move on….

I am now very excited to recieve a new Sony VGN-AR51SU. I have decided to go for this PC cause…

1. Its actually a laptop… and it can go places… not just live its life at home as a desktop replacement.
2. It can fit in laptop bags not suitcases…
3. It has a proper fully compliant 1080p HD Ready LCD, not like the Aspire with a XSVGA+ which is not full HD.
4. It has a blue ray RAM. unlike the Acer… that is falsely marketed as having an HD DVD drive… but actually does not when you order it , in your country…
5. I CAN ACTUALLY GET IT…. not like the Acer which was really a waste of 1 months worth of waiting…

Please post your thoughts.


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