Windows Live Writer

Well it turns out you can compile blog posts in the comfort of your own desktop space, or more specifically using a new tool provided free of charge by Microsoft called Windows Live Writer….

Link not included, and this is for good reason…

1. I can’t figure out if the software is in Beta or Not. A week ago I downloaded the full product, and now I see that the Windows Live Mail is once again in Beta… really wish Microsoft would make up their minds on this…

Even though it appears to be in Beta, and the link is almost secretive, its pretty good software.

You should try it – happy treasure hunting.


3 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer

  1. Every release of both Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail (desktop client) has been beta so far, FYI. Although some people have understandably thought we had shipped final releases due to the high quality of our betas 😉

  2. Cool I take it as since you refer to yourself as “We” that you work for Microsoft on this product, don’t you think perhaps the real reason that people think the product is in production, is because no one would ever think that a product would be in Beta for over a year?

    As for high quality of your Betas – I just downloaded IE8 Beta 2, had to immediately uninstall it, was not compatible with one of “your” other products, MOSS…. Don’t get too over optimistic son….

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