Going Legit… is frustrating at times…

So… let me paint the picture for you… I’m not some elite computer hacker… but I did start off life living in South Africa… and this is where I aquired my first computer… which was before the days of the PC… we are talking ZX-Spectrum days… back then breaking copyright laws (at the age of 9)… was well… not really a crime… it was considered that you were smart, if you could do such a thing, infact it was so hard to get games in South Africa… (on cassette tapes) that any game was welcomed… legit games were really over priced too.

Anyways things progressed, and along came the internet, and I remember walking passed shops and seeing computer packages selling for the price of what some people might earn in a month. One example of this would be Adobe Photoshop, back in the days of version 5.5. I remember walking past shops and thinking only idiots would be dumb enough to fork out on such expensive software where anyone with an internet connection could download the activations for free…

Then the time came in my life for the moral revolution (called growing up) where you realise that piracy is actually a crime, and the ability to aquire any software free is not really a skill to be proud of, rather a skill that could end up taking you down to hell, in the event of dying and finding out that there is really a God who exists and does not condone such talents. This is sort of where I am now… trying hard to rid my PC of the illegal stuff, and in the interests of greater good, use free / cheap software…

Now you might think because I am not pirating software anymore… that I am out buying it… this is not the case…. seriously I don’t buy software… I cannot afford it, and even if I could, I would rather spend the money on clothes, or normal things… rather than buying software…. the exception to this is the odd game worth a purchase… I can count on 2 hands the games I have actually bought in my life.

Anyways…. this leads me to the reason behind the posting in the first place… please read this dialog between Adobe Support and I… and tell me… do you see the problem, these companies are complaining about Piracy… But I tell you when you sit with paid versions of their products, you actually feel cheated by them, here is one day to day issue, I am sure you will agree, almost makes you want to pirate…

read on… no wait… first get coffee…

SERVER:Customer is waiting for Response..
VICTOR:Hello Michael, thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Service. My name is Victor. In order to keep you updated, our expertise in chat support lies in the following areas: ” Login/Password related queries. ”
Simple How to Questions. ” Maintenance of accounts. Even if your question does not fall under these three categories, I will definitely help you find the correct support option. How may I assist you today?
MICHAEL: Hi I have a problem with a purchased adobe program
MICHAEL: I am getting an invalid serial key error message
VICTOR:Since how long are you experiencing the issue?
MICHAEL:Well…. here is the thing… I purchased a Sony Vaio… VGN-AR41S… then I needed to do a clean install…
MICHAEL:so I performed a factory default re-install… this also installs the setup programs for the applications that come with the vaio package.
MICHAEL:for example… Photoshop Elements and also Adobe Premiere Elements
MICHAEL:However… Now it seems that I cannot use the same serial number…
MICHAEL: I am trying to use this serial number… [sensored]
MICHAEL:Unfortunately… it says… that the serial number is invalid
VICTOR:Thank you for providing the information.
VICTOR:Michael, I understand that you are receiving message as Serial Number is invalid. Is that correct?
VICTOR:Thank you.
MICHAEL: during a setupVICTOR:Before we proceed further, I would like to inform you that I would e-mail the chat transcript to you at MJLEPPAN@HOTMAIL.COM after the chat session is complete or in case we get disconnected.
MICHAEL: I am using the supplied username and serial that I should be VICTOR:This may also help you retrieve the required information with reference to this case in future. MICHAEL:thats fine VICTOR:The Serial Number ([sensored]) is not correct. Could you please verify the Serial Number?
MICHAEL:Product is Adobe Photoshop Elements…. install command = CommandLine0=msiexec /i “Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (en_us).msi” USERNAME=”Sony Customer” ENCSERIALNUMBER=[sensored] REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qn MICHAEL:this is basically an extract taken from setup.ini
MICHAEL:Sorry please repeat that?
VICTOR:May I have the Order Number of Adobe Photoshop Elements?
MICHAEL:I was not given any order number VICTOR:Do you have the CD for Adobe Photoshop Elements?
MICHAEL:Its all part of the software package that comes with my Vaio VICTOR:I will try to help you.
VICTOR:It would have been a pleasure to assist you with this issue.
MICHAEL:I can provide you with my serial number for my laptop VICTOR:I would request you to contact our Customer Service department by phone for further assistance with this regard, as they are best equipped to handle such issues.
MICHAEL:Phone? VICTOR:Please contact our Customer Service Department by calling (800) 833-6687, option 1, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week.
MICHAEL:Ok – can I request you to get your customer service dept to phone me MICHAEL:[my censored number]
VICTOR:It would have been a pleasure to do that for you.
VICTOR:However, I am unable to do so as I do not have the required tools and resources. MICHAEL:Ok
MICHAEL:here is the thing…
MICHAEL:I am already inconvienienced by this…
VICTOR:I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.
MICHAEL:Are you now expecting me to take further responsibilities for a technical issue caused by Adobe?
MICHAEL:Basically… why should I be further inconvienienced with the cost of a lengthy international phone call waiting for an operator
MICHAEL:Please sort this out…
MICHAEL:I would like a service agent to phone me as soon as possible VICTOR:Are you located in US?
MICHAEL:and assist me
VICTOR:VICTOR:VICTOR:May I know where are you located?
MICHAEL:Czech Republic?
MICHAEL:[my censored number]
VICTOR:If you need support, please locate the nearest support organization for your region or country by going to the following URL: http://www.adobe.com/support/intlsupport.html
MICHAEL:Thats it… if you can’t help me in this regard… I will simply crack the software using an illegal serial I can download on the internet… is that what adobe is about to encourage?
MICHAEL:Basically you are saying to me – I should help YOU (adobe) solve a problem (ADOBE) has created…
MICHAEL:and I am saying… ok fine – I will find a serial that works… even an illegal one…
MICHAEL:Do I have your consent as an adobe representitive? VICTOR:I understand your concerns regarding this issue.
VICTOR:Please refer the above Web page and contact the support as per your region.
VICTOR:Now that I have provided you with the Web page for International support, is there anything else I can assist you with today?
VICTOR:I am awaiting your response.
VICTOR:We have not received a response from you in a while. Do you still need assistance? VICTOR:
Michael, since it has been a while since your last communication, I am assuming your issue is resolved. Please contact Adobe customer service if you need additional assistance on this issue. Thank you for contacting Adobe Systems. This chat session has ended. *** More Additional Info ***

Whew – reading this gets me started all over again… grrr


One thought on “Going Legit… is frustrating at times…

  1. This is so-o-o-o very funny….it sounds just like a TELKOM experience!!! it’s like a nightmare…don’t you just hate if if “they” have that “another one bites the dust”-attitude!!!
    Keep it up Jeremy…I think it’s always worth the try if one complains…never knows when you can be lucky and actually received what you’ve aimed for!

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