Cheating Google Adsense

Hi, this is a little bit of advice to those of you thinking of cheating Google’s Adsense program.

Firstly: Its a very bad idea, so don’t think you will really get away with it. The only way to work with Adsense is to do it correctly and without cheating.

Secondly: The cheating is also commonly referred to as stealing, and IS breaking the law. So think about this for a while, Google have started prosecuting click fraud offenders.

What is Adsense?

Google provide ads in the form of links. These ads can be hosted on your site or blog, as per the ads on the right of this blog. If someone clicks an ad it earns the person hosting the ads a small commission fee.

Google have a terms and condition policy, if you try and break this policy you will get caught and your account will be suspended. The best idea is not to cheat the Adsense program.

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