Install the laptop driver you want

Recently I purchased a Sony Vaio VGN-AR41S running windows vista 32bit home premium. To my surprise I discovered that the display nVidia driver was out of date, so I quickly logged onto the nVidia website and downloaded the 30MB package, once downloaded however it refused to install, the error message: Only OEM drivers can install on this notebook. Wow – in other words – only drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer, but hold on for a sec, didn’t nVidia make the individual display adapter, is this all wrong?

Months passed before Sony released a driver that was up to date, unfortunately by the time Sony released the up to date driver, it was already surpassed with yet another update, since then Sony have not released the updated version and I suspect it will be another few months before Sony catch on.

As more and more people decide to use laptops over clunky desktops, this issue will become more and more apparent when the Suppliers do not provide partner updates in an efficient manner.

If you would like to get around this however – you can help yourself and simply go to this website – and download a driver that is more up to date than the one supplied by your Supplier.

Seriously beats dealing with helpdesk support staff who will just end up frustrating you even more.

update – since the purchase of this laptop – nVidia have released 16 driver updates, and Sony have managed to incorporate 2 of these…. someone pass me a pillow to scream into….

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