2nd Life seems a bit of a joke to me

Having watched a BBC documentary on virtual worlds online and technology improvements, I decided to download and try 2nd Life.

I played it twice, each time for about 30 minutes, then I decided to uninstall it and move on to try something else. These are my findings.

2nd Life’s 3D environment is pretty outdated, and comparable to 2001 type games. I mean with UNREAL 3 / Crysis 2 engines available for developers, 2nd Life looks like it was designed using gamestudio A7 – Bad bad bad!!!

The game is also full of bugs, my character got stuck moving around quite often – and as crazy as this sounds, I even managed to append a go-cart to my left leg and walk around with it for a while – looking absolutely ridiculous with some torch item attached to my right elbow and a party hat on – all of this was unintentional. Not the greatest look to try and socialize with the other 2nd life citizens.

You fall through the floor too I noticed, which is simply a result of crummy game design.

Through out the game there is constant pressure to spend real money to improve your appearance or to purchase land – don’t think its cheap either!

So once you are fully sorted – I guess there is very little to do other than have cartoon cyber sex, and just stand around and chat with other avatars.

I found this whole experience too boring personally – so I give this title a skip. But at least it seems a little less intrusive into your personal life and real details than Entropia.

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