This game is surprisingly playable, and requires no real money to play, unlike some of the other MMORPG cons out there.

The game client is around 700MB, and the game play on a 2Mbps ADSL connection was excellent. The game actually performed with very little bugs, but I did manage to lock some items in my inventory and get some windows onscreen that are not easy to get rid of, actually I still have not managed to free myself of these newly created windows.

The interface is clumsy and not intuitive at all, right clicking or left clicking in different places has strange effects, and there is an unmentioned double click in other places to further confuse the user.

The enemies are not challenging – and fights are carried out in Diablo fashion left click till you get RSI (sore fingers). The enemies are actually the worst part of the game, and you cannot attack real players – so there is no real urgency to form groups or clans.

The main reason why I have lost interest in this game was it seems that the game is full of masses of players who are all just out for selfish gains, and no real purpose other than to get new and better weapons, the game has very little depth, and the areas feel more like arenas.

Its difficult to get someone’s attention in the game, and I am sure you could play this game without actually chatting to anyone for months.

The quests that are presented are weak, boring and provide little rewards.

Having said that its at least a real game that you could play for a few hours at least till you get bored. It does have at least one hook, which might be that the game play could improve if you put in more time, but I am doubtful about that, so I gave up early on rather than wasting more time.

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