Anarchy Online – best MMORPG – if you have the time to blow

I have finally found a game to play. Yup you guessed it, Anarchy Online, its free for now, and its highly playable.

After having tried a few other titles, I have found this game to be better than the rest of the titles (Fiesta, 2nd Life, etc). If you are looking for a good and free MMORPG type game, this one is the one to go for.

There are lots of options in this futuristic science fiction world. Loads of missions, loads of character improvements, and a lot of players to mingle with, trade with and party with.

If you find yourself in Athens, then I recommend you head straight for the subway in teams, if you do this you will level up a lot quicker than by playing missions (which require a lot of walking time). Once you reach level 25 – you can leave the subway and start taking on some real missions.

Good luck and post a comment if you liked the game.


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