Microsoft F#

For those Microsoft Developers out there, these are my thoughts on F#.

I personally think a rather bored, and only somewhat imaginative division in Microsoft Development, consisting of some nutty programmers and possibly some researchers have concocted the F# language, what appears to be a mixed bag of development languages and offering possibly some minor advantages, please don’t expect me to actually learn this language, I refuse.

C# is one thing, combined with the power of the .net framework, its a prime example of an excellent language that combines the lessons from other languages, and has a natural C/Java style flow to the syntax.

The best way to describe F# syntax is, imagine for a second what a disaster it would be to port into the .net world vb6 code, mixed with a dose of C/Java and a little PHP on the side. Never mind your side order of fries with that Sir, F# is this disaster.

Once again Microsoft disappoint, instead of allocating funding into researching and fully developing the late promised XAML presentation / HTML replacement, we have once again been delivered distraction, 1/2 working prototypes and a yet growing concern on which technologies to adopt and learn, and which to ignore.

Before you leave, I just want to remind you once again of that awful and dirty word – Foxpro, just incase you forgot.

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