Before you say Skype Beta 4.0 Sucks

So you’ve just downloaded the new Skype, and can’t get used to the new full screen user interface, infact you’re just amazed at how Skype could have changed the interface so much, you might even be furious.

Don’t worry, here is what you do to fix the problem.

1. Open up Skype 4 (it will start in full screen mode)

2. Click on the Compact View button (top right, next to minimize, maximize and close window). You can also click “View” from the menu option, and then click “Compact View”.

This will make Skype 4, look and feel like it should.

Update: Since Skype is now out of Beta, I thought I would upgrade my wifes laptop, she (without any tech experience) told me she hated the new skype, and wanted it back to the way it was.


6 thoughts on “Before you say Skype Beta 4.0 Sucks

  1. The new Skype 4.0 UI is absurd. This appears to have been designed by committee, not via testing with real people, and has in turn lost it’s simplicity.

    Why not just have a big field to type in and 4 buttons (call a phone, send a im, send sms, search)?

  2. Also agree. Just downloaded the new update and heard about the improved sound quality, which I hope will come in handy when I conference call. Found the compact interface very quickly and even then, it still sucks hard.

    Call phones used to be nice within the interface, now it’s a new window. The convenient tabs up the top are mostly gone. Viewing history now appears to require a click on the view menu, rather than the convenient tab access.

    Whomever designed this didn’t do a good job.

  3. One more ‘sucking’ feature of skype 4.0 is that when you copy something from the chat window, it also copies the date and time of the discussion.
    For example, you want to copy a link your friend sent you and paste it into the browser, but when you paste it, you get the date and time too 😦

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