Windows 2008 Workstation (with some Vista ranting)

Who do we love? Microsoft!
Why do we love them? Because they give us such great operating systems!

If you agree with the above, you’re a moron. Only a moron actually enjoys having a great deal of his system resources stolen and used unnessecarily by the base operating system. This is the trend of Microsoft Operating Systems. Intel and other manufacturers delivery cutting edge hardware, and Microsoft find a way to drain all that power, and bring any self respecting system down to its knees, and then all the morons clap their hands and say – WoW! This is the real Wow Factor.

Vista performs like an XP machine infected with a virus, and please don’t get smug and say upgrade your hardware, my hardware is designed for Windows Vista, the drivers and some features ONLY work with Vista. So the machine should then run Vista like a dream, I have to say it runs it at reasonable speed, but it doesn’t come close to Windows 2008 Workstation.

Windows 2008 Workstation is the solution I have been waiting for, ever since buying hardware thats somehow locked into Vista, and as a result a downgrade/upgrade to XP was not possible for me.

What is this Windows 2008 Workstation you ask? Its Windows Vista the way it should have been – Windows Server 2008 – twinked a bit to use it as a workstation operating system.

Now I know not everyone can afford this little beauty, so I guess its only really practicle if you have an MSDN subscription, I won’t publicly endorse getting it via “other” means. But if you can get hold of it… Do it!

One thing I really like about Windows 2008 workstation is immediate speed increase you’ll feel. Applications like Word and Visual Studio 2008 run a lot quicker, and the whole operating system feels more responsive, this is not just my opinion, the whole experience has been put through lab tests, and the overall outcome in labtests was a boost in performance by as much as 17%.

One thing I don’t want you to think is that I am running Windows 2008 Workstation with all the effects turned off. Actually I re-enabled the Aero theme, and turned on glass effects and all those good things… Still its quicker than Vista.

The only draw back I can think of is that some software won’t install, primarily because of server licencing, things like Anti Virus might be a problem. For years I’ve been an AVG fan, now I use PC Tools AV free edition. Still I am not against change, AVG Free Farewell old friend, Welcome Windows Workstation 2008.
My last gripe is that Windows Media Centre does not work on Windows 2008 Workstation, but as you’re reading this, people are trying really hard to get it to work, and a lot of progress has been made, there is only some final problem to solve with software execution permission it seems.

Its a really good OS solution for experienced MOSS Developers who can finally develop locally if they would like to without the need for a virtual machine environment.

As for games, yes they run just like they do in Vista, only the few odd games have some installation issues, but these with a bit of work can be solved.

Server has some other neat benefits, like how about – Self Reparing NTFS!

Goodbye sucky Vista, welcome Windows Workstation 2008


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