Opera torrent support

In my last post about Opera I mentioned why it is a good browser, when I first installed it, I realised it had some built in torrent support, but I was not expecting it to be so good.

My main torrent app is uTorrent, its pretty lightweight compared to other apps out there, but all torrent applications I have used suffer from the flaw of reserving almost all of your available bandwidth pipe, even if the torrent transfer rate is a fraction of your total bandwidth.

Well along comes Opera’s built in torrent handling capabilities, and changes that. with Opera you can now download torrents and browse the web at the same time, it won’t totally bring your connection to its knees.

Without a doubt the best part about the built in torrent handling by Opera, is its aggresive nature, torrents fly down, I’ve never had torrents coming down at the full speed of my connection consistently, so obviously Opera are doing something right.

There is only one downside, I’ve noticed that overall speed for larger (1GB or bigger) torrents seem to take longer than in traditional torrent clients, such as uTorrent.

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