Need 25Gbs of free online storage?

I know Windows Live SkyDrive is a Microsoft service, so I’ll ask a lot of you very nicely to put aside your immediate contempt for a minute, and ask just for one moment forget that its a Microsoft offering.

This FREE online storage offering by Microsoft can be found here :

Its not entirely bad either, it gives you a whopping 5GBs of free online storage, you decide exactly what you want to store. There are no restrictions as to what you can store, but there is a restriction on the size of file you can store – currently only files smaller than 50MB can be hosted. Not sure on exactly why they enforced this restriction, since they are after all giving you the full 25GBs, surely you should be able to store files of any size, shape or form, but yeah – thats Microsoft for you, gotta love em.

You also have to respect this healthy competition between Microsoft and Google, clearly MS, not wanting to feel outdone by Googles GMail offering, have at least provided something more useful than simple email storage, your files stored in your SkyDrive can be accessed indiviually on their own HTTP address. This means you can upload files like podCasts or video recordings and link them to your blog, or website.

The service is not available in every country yet, this is another limitation I fail to understand, this seems to me like internet sanctions for the user, but if you are lucky enough to live in a country where MS offer this service and you would like 25GBs of free online space, by all means sign up for it, or sign in using your Windows Live Passport.


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