Dell D630 Firewire really slow transfer speeds

Recently I wanted to run some USB2.0 vs Firewire Tests, I was amazed to see USB2.0 seriously outperforming the Firewire drive on my Dell D630. I was about to conclude that USB 2.0 might be quicker than Firewire and all the hype about it being faster, was just that – hype.

Luckily I work for a large corporate, where just about everyone in the company has a Dell D630 at the moment. So a few of my colleagues enrolled their D630s, and we tested some results.

I also decided to enlist Microsoft Support in our quest to find the solution to the crummy Firewire performance, andI have to tell you, Microsoft Gold Support is not 1/2 bad, expensive, but they go the extra mile.

I have concluded that the Dell D630 has a manufacturing defect that is present in 50% of the Dell D630s we were able to test on.These tests were carried out in Czech Republic.

Here are some sample graphs. The very last one is taken from my Sony, and btw thats what it should look like.


Notice how the lines of that graph are not at all straight and average as they should be, in fact just by looking at it, it seems like the drive is suffering from some kind of heart attack, or might be broken, actually its not! It’s just a hardware defect, the drive works, but not according to Firewire specifiction.


Good case graph



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