Fallout 3 (4/5)

Fallout 3 is a game of expectations, some people consider it exceptionally good, others see it as exceptionally bad.

I really did enjoy it, and it certainly is a memorable game. I think the game was rushed to market, and thats possibly why, the plot is not as polished as what it should be.

The Good things about Fallout 3

The Difficulty
Perhaps its just my playing style, but I really didn’t have a problem with the difficulty of the game. Enemies were not too easy, and its the type of game where you can lure enemies into traps easily.


The playability
The game is fun to play, and its the type of game you can easily spend a few hours playing, but then want a rest from it, this is a good thing too, some games are so good they’ll keep you playing all day long.


You don’t get stuck in the landscape
This might seem like a simple matter, but I’ve played some online games where you can get stuck in the landscape, and then need an administrator to get you out of there. I never once got stuck in the landscape, and it is a complex wasteland out there.


Plenty of places to explore
The landscape was hand crafted, and this is possibly the reason for this games success, When you’re walking around, and you see something interesting in the distance, you genuinely want to go over there and explore it. Because there are so many side quests, the possibilities are good you’ll run into something interesting.


You can save your game anywhere
You don’t need to walk back to save points, like in some single player games.


The Quick travel system
Its great that you can quick travel from just anywhere, as long as you are outdoors. Games like MorrowWind also have quick travel systems, but not to every destination you visit, and you’re still required to walk to a quick travel station. In Fallout 3, all you need to do is hit tab, and select your destination on the map, this is possibly why the game takes quicker to finish than other RPGs out there, but its great someone came up with this great idea.


The Bad things about Fallout 3

The Hacking and Lock Picking Routings
They’re way to tedious, and because each successful hack or pick gives you experience you’ll want to complete as many of these as possible, there are some tricks to know about hacking the terminals, but it can take a while to get used to it.

First Skill Allocations can be guesswork
The game starts off with you as a baby (yes I know this kind of sucks), you’ll be expected to crawl around the room and listen to a long boring dialogue with your father who calls you “Darling”.  This is the first time you’ll get asked to distribute character points. So you better know what the fuck each skill gets you from reading up about it on the Internet, because the baby book you’re given doesn’t explain jack shit.

Initial Skill Allocation

The psychology behind the G.O.A.T demonstrates lack of serious game planning.
The game clearly states that its not targeted at children or young teenagers. As an adult player the idea of taking this test called the G.O.A.T did not seem like a miserable prospect in the slightest, I wanted to get it over with to move onto the real tasks ahead, but I noticed the game forces you into choosing dialogs where your character tries to get out of taking the test. Actually you can’t even get to the test room, unless you try to fake sick. Your father asks you “So are you ready for the test”, and you answer – “Yes sure lets do this thing” – This is the wrong answer. The right answer to proceed is “No I am sick”.  I didn’t find this amusing, but then since the game is aimed at adults, the whole being a baby, then a teenager was a shit idea in the first place.


Butch does not become an alter ego.
Butch terrorizes your girlfriend as a teenager, and beats you up on your 11th birthday, yet you never see him again once you leave the vault.


You never see your vault girlfriend again
She starts off being very important in the main story line, first as a kid, then as a teenager, but once you leave the vault, you never see her again.


Vault 101 never opens again
Vault 101 where you come from lets you out without any fuss, but you’ll never get back in there once you leave. Its just locked locked locked.

Action Shot

You would be fucking stupid to blow up Megaton
Its an option in the game, but you would really limit yourself if you blew up this town. You would not have access to your apartment and traders if you blew it up.

The Capital Wasteland

Max level is 20
The max level is 20, but then again by the time you reach level 20 , you should have completed most of the cool stuff in the game anyways, its not like a traditional open ended RPG, fallout 3 does end, and soon.

Dog meat is too precious to utilize
Dog meat is a friendly dog, you can get to join your party, he can search for ammo and food, but the way I see it, he is too valuable to loose, so I tended to leave him at vault 101 for better days, unfortunately the game was sadly over before I could find a use for Dog meat.

An Enclave Eye Bot

The game is over before you know it
You get better and better, getting your skills in order, and just as soon as you are “ready to fight” the game ends.

The game is so short, some perks are never realised
I choose the perk, that gives you a guardian angel during VATS, well he only appeared once before I finished the game.

The interface is really clumpsy
Nothing is categorised, and its very old school, you need to pay attention to the shit you pickup

On the main quest

You get schematics for certain weapons, but the custom weapons you can build are below average, and don’t stack up to the standard dropped weapons.
Its a pain in the ass searching the wastelands for components, some of which are rare, only to produce a weapon thats fragile, and doesn’t produce as much damage as shit you can find on the ground like a combat shotgun.

All the guns look old and 2nd hand
With the exception of the plasma rifle, all the rest of the guns (even the laser rifle) all look like they were crapped out of Wall-e’s ass.

PC version is full of crashes
Yup it crashes, a lot

Bad 3d rendering
I found it stuttered a lot and you can’t blame my hardware its capable of some other mean titles without skipping a beat.

Rivet city market unprovoked attacks!
Its amazing but sometimes you’ll get unprovoked attacks while shopping, this means you’ll need to load up a saved game to get rid of the agg.

The underground

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