Far Cry 2 screams action (5/5)

Far cry 2 is a game worth picking up, I would give it a 5/5 rating.

The game runs on an engine called Dunia, meaning “world,earth,living” it was developed specifically for Far Cry 2. This engine has a real future, it performs great on modest hardware, and is really good for uses like mobile gaming, the graphics look great, and I believe the fire in Far Cry 2, was the most realistic fire ever seen in a computer game.


This game is an action adventure, with some basic RPG elements to it (You have the ability to purchase weapons and upgrades). It is a bit like playing GTA in the jungle, but unlike GTA, you’ll find yourself playing mainly in 1st person view.

In the game you can get around on foot or by utilizing the vehicles you’ll find all over the place. There is a small selection of land vehicles, as you would expect being an African based adventure, you’ll be able to drive around Jeeps till your heart is content, there also seems to be a car that I would say closely resembles an old Datsun Pulser. Water based vehicles are a little less varied, and a bit more awkward to operate. There is also a hand glider, but I battled to locate any, and I think its more of a novelty item than a solid means of transport.

One thing I found interesting is that the “bad guys” speak Afrikaans, a language used in the Republic of South Africa. Whats also interesting is that in the game you get Black as well as White Enemies. But it seems that the accents don’t always match the color of enemy that you are shooting. You’ll get this black guy come up to you speaking Afrikaans like he was a white farmer. If you’re from South Africa this could be amusing for you.


What I really admire about this game is its performance, even in high resolutions, and with effects turned on, this game performs great, when you compare it to the likes of Crysis. It seems like great care was taking during the modeling of  this game. The game seldom stutters, and the landscape looks amazing. The world does seem alive, not dead like in some games, for example Fallout 3, which I’ll compare because it came out around the same time as Far Cry 2.


Now onto the things that are not so good about Far Cry 2

The check points guards always respawn
This means that traveling to and from a location means always having a fire fight in, and out of the destination. This gets really annoying, and possibly the reason why so many gamers just want to finish the game as quickly as possible, then uninstall it. Even a quick travel down the road, through a check point means every time you’ll need to open up a can of whip ass.

The weapons you can carry conflict
You can carry certain types of weapons, but weapons can only be carried in certain free slots. Primary and Secondary are the main slots for equipping weapons. This makes it impossible to equip a sniper rifle and an automatic machine gun. Instead you’re forced to equip a rather heavy weight Gatling, if you want to keep using that sniper rifle, this means the rocket launcher goes unused mostly. It would have been better if they had given you the choice of which weapons you would like to equip, I mean realistically speaking if you could carry 2 guns, surely the deciding factors should be size and weight, not class of weapon.

The malaria
Its really annoying, and just a generally bad idea, its also hard to predict exactly how long you can last without getting medication. So usually it means, as soon as that last pill runs out, stop what you’re doing and start the malaria pill quest.

Loads of repetition
You’ll end up fighting a lot of the same enemies. They’re not exactly easy either, and every encounter can be lethal, so you need your wits about you.



Graphics: 5/5 (Excellent)
Playability: 4/5 (Very Good)
Character Controls: 5/5 (Very Good)
Quests and Story line: 3/5 (Average)


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