How do Mac Users survive without Internet Explorer?

We all know Macs are perfect and people that use Macs like to think of them as im-mac-ulate 🙂

I was just thinking about one very real problem that comes with your Mac, the day you buy it. This is compatibility with the majority of computer users, who mostly all run PC’s.

As a PC user I’ve recently installed non IE browsers. FireFox, Chrome and Opera. These 3 browsers are all great in their own rights, but every now and again a page comes up that has some kind of error on it, and will only open up in IE. As a windows user, I can switch to IE and view the page as it was intended, this is not the best solution, but it does mean that I can complete the reason I visited that site.

A Mac user would not have this option, and that smug Mac user might just loose out completely because of this.

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