The All Browser Age

We’ve entered into a new age of the Internet, the “All Browser Age” is dawning on us with the launch of Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and Safari.

Primarily due to the lack of conformity by all these browsers to follow to the letter the W3C guidelines, we are now going to have to get used to using not one of these browsers, but perhaps at least 2 or 3 of them.

The main problem is that web developers often build a web site or full blown web application with a particular target browser in mind, meaning that functionality like the ability to download a file from a site, or even navigate around the application, may not work in one browser, but will work perfectly fine in another. Its also hard to tell which browser will get the job done.

Right now IE is the most compatible, because developers spend a great deal of time ensuring that their sites are viewable in IE, but more and more developers are starting to optimize for FireFox because they consider FireFox to much better represent W3C standards. Google Chrome is yet another contender now that renders differently from both FireFox and IE.

Bottom line is the days of one tool for the job are over. Nowadays you need to have at least 2 or 3 of these browsers installed, just in case a site you really want to visit, does not support one or the other.


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