My thoughts on Windows 7

I see Windows 7 as a true “Take it or leave it” offer. Microsoft are well aware that You’ll end up taking it, after all anything is better than Vista and XP is getting kinda old.

To be fair, it seems the boys in Redmond are doing something right. I won’t lie to you and say Windows 7 is the perfect operating system, but again anything has to be better than Vista.

What’s really good about Windows 7?
Microsoft have finally caught on to parallel loading of device drivers and services in Windows 7.  Services now finally also load on demand, so Windows 7 will boot faster than XP or Vista. I guess technologically this is a huge leap forward for Microsoft Operating Systems. Most people can’t believe this – “loads quicker than XP? Are you sure”, if you think about it, its again no great shakes, Operating Systems are supposed to get better in time, not worse!

Why most people will upgrade from XP or Vista?

The gaming community need an OS capable of running DX-10, so ANYTHING has to be better than Vista, and XP only has support for DX-9.

 General computer users will be sold new equipment with Windows 7 preloaded, and typically they won’t get any choice in the matter, exactly the same way as right now if you rush out to buy a laptop, you’ll find its Vista Ready.

XP die hard users are not that in love with XP, but its a practical option at the moment, if Windows 7 can run leaner than Vista, then perhaps XP Users will consider an upgrade. One concern here is that I’ve noticed a lot of the compatibility marketing assumes an upgrade from Windows Vista. I’ve seen no assurance about a clean upgrade from XP.

Corporates that are currently still on XP, will need to make some kind of jump. Microsoft are fully aware that upgrading to Vista, usually involved an all out hardware upgrade rollout, a hoop most corporates were not stupid enough to jump through. I believe (and this is just a hunch), Windows 7 business edition might run in an “extra” lean business mode, to send out a message to corporates that this Windows is designed for work purposes, not a “WoW toy”. I also predict Microsoft will tie in some motivation in the form of network wide management, etc to add some real value business value to Windows 7.

 Final thoughts

Do I personally think Windows 7 will be another reject?
I think it would be a lot more interesting to see the events unfold if Windows 7 was to be another complete disaster released by Microsoft. Linux would certainly get some more followers. Don’t hold your breath though, this simply won’t happen. I don’t think Windows 7 will be an amazing operating system, but it will be better than Windows Vista, unfortunately it will never be as lean as XP. I personally have stopped using Microsoft desktop operating systems, and have opted to use their server os’s which have leaner kernels.

Final Final Thoughts

One problem Windows 7 still has, which will annoy some of you, is the Vista style search. The search is fine for searching through “my documents”, but unfortunately won’t search your whole computer (even if you tell it too). Microsoft have redefined the meaning of “everywhere” to the locally logged in user’s folders, typically C:\Users\username. I’ve heard its possible to change the search provider, but a lot of the search functionality is hard coded into the start menu unfortunately.