Pay peanuts, get… yup Monkies

Before you think about quitting your day job, and moving to Cyprus, living on the beach with an internet connection doing a few oDesk ( contracts a month for bread, you have to ask yourself, are you Indian enough for the task?

I’ve been on and off oDesk for a while, and whats really good about it is the availability of jobs, the problem is that whenever a job opportunity comes along on oDesk, at least 20-50 Indian developers will put in a bid next to your name, and ultimately no matter how low you think you’re willing to get paid on the job, you’ll find an Indian can easily outbid you. Just due to the sheer number of Indians bidding, and the prices they’re willing to work for, its all a bit laughable for a developer working in the west.

Well my father taught me one principle in life, if you pay peanuts you get monkies. Here is a real job description from oDesk which proves my point.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE GOING ON: IF YOU AREN’T ABLE TO BE AVAILABLE FROM 10AM – 10PM CST (-6 GMT) TO WORK WITH US AND OUR CLIENTS THEN DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS JOB. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES SHOWING UP TO WORK AND BEING RELIABLE THEN DON’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB. IF YOU HAVE ANY DRUG OR ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS THAT WILL KEEP YOU AWAY FOR DAYS OR WEEKS, THEN DON’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB. IF YOU HAVE A HARD TIME WORKING EFFECIENTLY OR KEEPING DEADLINES, THEN DON’T APPLY. IF YOU GUARANTEE SOMETHING TO A CLIENT AND DON’T DELIVER, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB. IF YOU CANT CONSISTENTLY DESIGN TO THE QUALITY OF WORK IN YOUR PORTFOLIO, THEN DON’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB. IF YOU APPLY FOR THIS JOB AND AREN’T ABLE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THE RULES ABOVE THEN YOU WILL BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY AND PAYMENT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISPUTED WITH ODESK. In all reality, we have hired a number of people on here and other freelance sites that haven’t been reliable and have had a number of problems. We cannot and will not tolerate this type of behavior with any freelancers that work like that. With that being said, we are looking for a graphic/web designer for our company. You MUST have a portfolio and you MUST be able to design in a web 2.0 style. Also, you will be in charge of HTML coding your web designs for us. Most of the stuff that we will have you do are simple one page designs, logos, product covers, etc. You will need to have experience with both web and print design. Candidates with PHP or other programming experience have a better chance of getting the position and also getting more hours. We are a very fun and successful company to work with and we take care of our people. Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from everyone soon.

3 thoughts on “Pay peanuts, get… yup Monkies

  1. Makes a good read, we have used indian outsourcers on many occasions in the past but found them to be full of promises and talk but very poor on delivery. We outsource locally now. Wish you the best with the post, hope you find someone perfect for the job.

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