Less Commonly discussed Windows 7 Features.

Lately when you hear about Windows 7, all you’re hearing about is Shake, the new task bar, and Homegroup.

I’ve just installed it as a primary OS, and these are some more obscure facts.

  1. Windows 7, comes with IE8. IE8 has not been released yet. I think its kinda cool that IE8 was included and not older IE7.
  2. Skype 3.8 (Latest at the time) has compatibility issues. The solution is to download Skype 4 Beta 3. But as everyone knows Skype 4 Beta Sucks, still I’m in a good mood, so I’ll comply for now.
  3. UAC is a lot less intrusive, and not so annoying, usually its the first thing I turn off, well its been 30 minutes and its still on 🙂
  4. The “Vista Search Sucks Issue” IS finally fixed. THANK YOU MICROSOFT for doing something right! Its not 100%, but it does mean I can uninstall custom search tools, and find non indexed files again.
  5. The task bar and quick launch are combined, when a window requires an action, its icon glows on the task bar, doesn’t flash and annoy +10 points to the developers who thought of this.
  6. AVG free works with Windows 7, sorry can’t afford Nod32 🙂
  7. Its very easy to secure a removable HDD using BitLocker, right click action and follow a Wizard. Unfortunately its not so easy to secure your system drive.
  8. Paint still sucks, its interface has been redesigned to use a ribbon, but its still a sad little application.
  9. There is no “classic” view in the control panel, but the control panel looks pretty easy to use, so no complaints there.
  10. Windows and Icons draw quicker with less all round lag.
  11. Media Player 12 is clean. A lot of people give media player a bad wrap, but its a first class media player, has been since version 11.  
  12. Same games as Vista. Exactly the same, not enhanced or rewritten.
  13. Same defragmentation tool, no user interface.
  14. No need to store everything in txt files, you can now create notes, which are also indexed for each searching. Just good for real basis notes.
  15. New command line – called Windows Powershell, this is really worth a look at for most developers
  16. Calculator looks better, has some new conversion features
  17. Gadgets are suddenly usable, because they’re not attached to the side bar.
  18. Still no iPod integration with Media Player.

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