Why is YouTube so slow?

If you need to read this post, then you might even be questioning “Is it something you’re doing?”. The answer is NO! Its not your fault. YouTube wasn’t always so laggy, but its been laggy for a long, looooong time. YouTube don’t seem to be addressing the problem. I don’t think YouTube even acknowledge they have a problem.

Most of us with broadband connections browse YouTube on anything from 1mbps – 20mbps, when it comes to YouTube it simply doesn’t matter, You’ll get major lag.

Its no suprise really YouTube is a victim of its own success, its one of the most popular internet sites in the world, and it serves massive amounts of video content every day. The problem is, YouTube just don’t have the bandwidth capabilities to cope with all the traffic. The lag you experience is because YouTube servers are stressed to their max.

YouTube continues to grow out of control, they need to address their performance issues. YouTube in the techworld is getting a bad name because of this.


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