How old are Disney Characters?

Disney Characters are so, so OLD, yet Disney have done a great job of somehow keeping these same OLD characters fresh over all these years.



 the friendly Disney Dog was born in 1930, that makes pluto 79 years old (2009).
Pluto started off being called Pluto the Pup, and his main role was as pet dog to Mickey Mouse. Pluto is one of the few Disney Characters who is not anthropomorphized (Given human features).


Donald Duck,

 is one of the most famous Disney Cartoon Characters around, which is no suprise becuase he’s been around for 75 Years. Donald born in 1934 is best known for his quick and hot temper. Donald’s supposed to be entertaining to watch because he’s constantly getting into trouble, or the side characthers in the show give him a hard time, his reactions and voice are what make him worth watching.



is really a dog, except unlike Pluto he is Antropomorphic (been given human traits). Goofy is Mickey Mouses best friend, and born in 1932, he’s 74 years old. His mainly famous for being exceedingly clumpsy.


Mickey Mouse,

 the oldest of all the Disney Characters, is really OLD, 80 years old to be precise. He’s the main icon for the Disney Company. Walt Disney himself originally did the voice for Mickey Mouse. He’s known as the worlds greatest cartoon character, and is still very much alive today.