High definition affordable and downloadable movies

Most of us enjoy watching high definition content, be it movies, tv shows, sport,┬ádocumentaries or news. We’ve reached the stage where in 2009, its reasonably affordable to buy a large high definition LCD display (like the one in my previous post). Some of us even have some kind of HD cable or satelite tv package, as part of our normal viewing package. What we’re really missing is an affordable solution that allows us to download true 1080p material and watch it in the comfort of our own home.

Now, a lot of us will find this solution if it exists on the internet, legal or not! And it does, unfortunately the solutions out there are not legal.

Let me paint the scenario. More savy computer users, are bypassing copyright laws, and are downloading free movies and shows, mainly because of the high prices of hard copy media, and the unavailability of a reasonably priced downloadable soft copy of the media.

The distribution companies provide a “take it or leave it scenario” – either take what they have to offer on hard copy at extremely high prices, or leave it. What they don’t seem to be understanding is that for a lot of people who have an internet connection, these movies are available at a more affordable price, you can’t beat free.

The film distribution companies continue to charge us a small fortune for the rights to view a movie we’ve bought, and then they try slap on additional laws, which prevent us playing it on certain devices. This leaves us with the question, “to pirate, or not to pirate”.

What we need is. A subscription based service, where we can pay a monthly fee and have access to a set number or even unlimited number of movies per month, to download and keep as long as we want. Almost like having a video shop contract, except we’re now talking about HD material. For this reason, these servers will have to be quick to allow us to download content at the full speed of our internet connections. Everything I’ve mentioned here is plausable.

As of Feb 2009, there is no legal way to download HD movies on the internet. The piracy continues.