Internet Forums, don’t trust the answers you get

If you need information, and just can’t find the info on offical websites, the chances are you’ll end up reading some forum post. Just make sure you don’t take anything to heart too quickly. Don’t just believe the answers because you “read it on the internet”.

In real life scenarios, you’re likely to ask people around you questions, you’re also likely to receive incorrect, or misleading answers, however typically in a real life scenario, you have more sensory information to help you filter out the fact from fiction. Internet Forums work slightly differantly, without the personal contact you’re relying solely on textual information. That could be written by a 10 year old or an 82 year old, you just do not know, but you can be sure you’ll get their 2 cents, misleading or not.

Here are some real questions and their misleading answers taken directly from internet forums.
Question 1: Is it worth getting a 100 mhz tv over a standard hdtv? (This answer is completely misleading because the guy who answered it does not know a thing about electronics, and confuses FPS with Refresh Rate)
BlackAcidDevil: 120 FPS opposed to 60 FPS, again the only way to get that 120hz is through a 120hz capable cable 9 another $130) –  BUSTED!!! PURELY MISLEADING
HD DVD & Blu-ray: Someday Obsolete, Or Here to Stay?
SpideyBat: I think both formats will be around for quite some time. BUSTED!!! SPECULATIVE AND WRONG
Majestikk : These new formats always suck in the beginning

These are just 2 examples, but I’ve come across more, recently I was looking for information on building materials for a housing project, and was amazed at the controvesy regarding wood vs bricks for heat insulation. Often Internet Forums are so unreliable a source of information, you need to check the answer with another more reliable source, like offical sites, or product fact sheets.

I still think Internet Forums are a good source of general information, but I’m on high alert when I browse them, so not to just accept anything as fact, and I suggest you do the same.

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