Is Age of Conan boring?

Funcoms latest game, Age of Conan, sorry to say is a complete disappointment. I’ve been playing AoC for around 2 months now, and I’m so bored, I’m going to cancel my subscription. 

update: cancelled my subscription

Here are the reasons why AoC gets boring very quickly:

1. Its the loneliest MMORPG game you’ll ever play. 

In AoC you’ll spend the majority of the game running quests. Each kill you make while questing, gives you some xp, if you decide to team for a quest, you’ll have to share the xp. This really slows down your ability to level. AoC is best played as a single player for the first 50 levels. This is not why people sign up to play MMORPG’s. Another reason why the game feels so lonely is because the landscape is so badly designed, that its hard to meet up with people.

2. The travel system is boring

All  RPGs require walking and running, but some games have warps and quick run speed, not AoC. You’ll need to wait a full 40 levels before you can mount a horse, but then don’t expect the experience to be breath taking, the horse experience was a bitter disappointment. Often you’ll need to cross 2 full play fields to get to an area, You have to go from A then to C to get to B, this walking takes up lots of time.

3. The combat system is not relaxing. 

Funcom introduced the “real combat system” into the MMORPG genre, this is apparently what makes the game good. This might be true for the first 1-2 hours of gameplay but to kill tough mobs, you need to execute combos, and plenty of them, its likely you need around 10-15 combos for an enemy in your skill range. This means major keyboard gymnastics. This real combat engine is essentially you standing facing enemies pushing buttons. The combat lacks a lot, the combos are too simplified and all do pretty much the same thing. Moving around in combat doesn’t help a lot either, you cant really strafe and reposition yourself for a better shot.

If you play games to relax, after a while this button pressing can get annoying, so annoying you’ll want to go out and buy a programable keyboard, like the G11. Even with the G11, you still need to put in a lot of manual effort to kill mobs. 

4. The areas are so big, town names so confusing that its hard to meet people

The game takes a lot of getting used to, and even once you know the landscape, meeting people takes time, you can literally be on the other side of the world without a quick travel system requiring you to cross vast areas to meet with your friends, this really sucks. Guid cities are also miles away, and unlike in some games that contain a “warp to guild city”, in AoC you have to cross a vast wilderness each time you want to visit the city. Its way easier just to have Guild meetings in a town.

5. Hardly any upgrade options

Perhaps its just me, but when an RPG automatically starts controlling your characther attributes (str, agility, dex), you have to question the target audience. When you level you get points that can be spent on just a few skills, more related to your run speed and damage recovery.

All the armour in the game looks pretty much the same, and you just don’t get social attire, even though its supposed to be the “sexy” RPG, its not that sexy trust me. You get slots for armour and items, but its as basic as you could possibily get it. Anarchy Online and older game is still way better  in regard to character customization, appearance and skill growth.

6. Its extremely religious

Its really annoying that Funcom have to always introduce religion into their games. Not every gamer is a Satan worshipping, demon loving, blood spilling whore who wakes up in the morning and gives death a kiss. Most of the gamers I know are pretty respectable and normal people who don’t sacrifice to the Pagan gods at every given moment, and who just “put up” with the religion because its there, but don’t enjoy it being there. I understand these MMORPG’s need a good/bad system, but why, oh why do they have to make it so compellingly religious and just plain rotten to the core. The promotion of immorality and idol worship is offensive to Christians, who also enjoy a good RPG. AoC is so over loaded with pagan religion, its frankly annoying, and its a new question I ask before I buy a game lately, “is it full of the slimey kind of religion?”

6. Its a WoW clone.

The last thing the MMORPG world needs is another World of Warcraft, but thats exactly what Funcom has released, exactly why they were so compelled to do so, is beyond my understanding. After playing a bit of WoW, its pretty obvious to see that FC have copied WoW. In short AoC adds nothing new to the genre, its just a slightly better looking WoW, but I would have to say WoW is more playable.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Here is some info from other players.



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