Will funcom charge players for their new Anarchy Online graphics engine update?

Its now 2009, and Funcom have been promising AO players a graphics update since…… astonishingly 2004. I am not sure if the graphic engine even exists, I’ve found no compelling evidence that confirms its real, and since FC have been promising this update for the last 5 years, its kinda hard to trust anything they tell you.

Lets give FC the benefit of the doubt  and pretend that the graphics update exists, it might still be a little too late for the AO community. 

The Legacy of Zan, to be released feb 2009, is a booster pack that may contain this graphics update, unfortunately its just not easy getting a defined list of whats included in the booster, no screen shots or product descriptions are available. The AO website does contain at least one dick weed interview – gee thanks FC.  If you login to your account section, you’ll be able to pre-order the booster pack, just don’t ask too many questions about what you get for that 20 euros.

Anarchy Online is a highly ambitious project, but it is old and stale, every dog has its day. If FC can’t maintain AO, they should at least make it more cost effective. Its still in the same price range of the latest leading titles. 

Most of the AO commnity has already left the game, possibly returning when AO gets updated or improved, but it seems the game is dying. I’m not sure if players who are now on titles like WoW or EQ2 would return because of a basic graphics upgrade, especially if this would cost them money just to preview.

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