We want our Skype now God damn it

Mac and Linux users read on

Skype was originally intended to be a cross browser platform communication tool. But this is not truly the case anymore. Skype, the company now focuses its full attention on developing for the Windows platform. Essentially they’ve practically abandoned their Mac and Linux community. This is a major disappointment for these people who do not use Windows, mainly because Skype uses a proprietry protocol and so its not even possible to reinvent the Skype client for these  platforms.

Skype have been promising Linux users a new client for so long, one Linux user quoted : “We’ve been in the dark so long, its about time we found another light”.

Skype should just be honest and explain to the Linux and Mac community that they  should find other software, because frankly “Skype don’t give a damn”. Instead Skype make bold politically correct statements and promises that development will continue for these platforms. Really? Seeing is believing. Skype now version 4 for Windows, is currently in version 2 for Linux, and Skype v2 is just too dodgy to mention.

Skype 4 also refuses to run under Wine, so you can’t just push this as the solution.

Skype wake up, Bad Dog Skype!


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