I won’t be using Twitter

That’s right, you heard me, not today, not tomorrow… not ever! 

The world is full of different types of people, I am the type of person that cringes when ever someone happens to mention the T word.

How often should you update your Twitter status.

  •  Leaving for work
  • Arrived at work
  • working
  • craping
  • eating
  • craping
  • sleeping

If anyone has the time to document their lives like that, they should think of getting a diary, at least perhaps your grandchildren might appeachiate your memoirs, do you really think your Twitter logs will somehow suffice? 

I guess the reason why I hate Twitter so much is because its corny. I mean really corny. Its like getting passed artificial orange juice, when what you really asked for was an ice cold beer. The users of it, I would imagine are the same types of people who still take pride in screen savers, the same types who pass around chain mails and junk mails, and who think the greatest app ever created was Microsoft Powerpoint. 

Don’t you just hate getting asked, have you tried Twitter. Answer: No, and I aint going to, ever!

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