When do you think Microsoft will realise we’re not using Internet Explorer?

This post is for those of us with MSDN subscriptions. For those of you reading this who don’t, an MSDN subscription enables developers to download almost any Microsoft business related product (it costs a small fortune). You can also get access to a number of product keys, some even retail, depending on your subscription type.

Whats been annoying me, is that you can only download these applications if you’re using Internet Explorer. This is because the MSDN site uses Active-X for some unknown and mysterious reason.

Microsoft are sloooooooooooooooooow. Slow to understand the following concepts.

1. Most people involved in web development despise Internet Explorer. There are many reasons for this. For starters thanks to Microsoft hijacking internet standards and IE not abiding by W3C standards, developers have been forced for years to write differant versions of HTML and JS code. IE over the years has been a slap in the face to the W3C. IE poses a considerable security risk on any computer that uses it. Everyone knows IE, even the latest version is subseptible to drive-by viri. Because IE also comes with the OS, it gets preference for business use, because IT policies are too paranoid to install more than 1 web client. The point is, once a developer is used to using another browser, everytime he needs to visit a Microsoft site that only supports IE, its hard not to Loathe Microsoft and IE.

2. The Web was designed to be browser independant. The MSDN website at the end of the day is mainly used to download product keys and large binary files. The presentation of this web application can be as simple or as complicated as you want it. Its great they’ve Ajaxified it, but I can’t imagine why they would make use of Active-X. If they didn’t offer downloads via an Active-X based download manager the whole thing would work in most browsers. For some reason Microsoft always seem to f*** things up in some way or another. Which leads me to my next point.

3. We don’t want Active-X. Not now, not ever, not at all. Its a technology we want to forget about as soon as possible. HTML 5 is up and coming. The future of the web is not Active-X.

Lastly I use Chrome, next in line would be Firefox, then Opera, If for what ever reason all these browsers died, I would use Safari. And if every last browser under the sun died as well, I would then be forced to consider IE, and I would still despise it all the way.

Any comments welcome!

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