When will Google release an OS?

Its 2009, and the OS war still readily continues, Microsoft still have control, but for how long? I’ve been around computers for over 2 decades, and it’s become pretty clear over the years that Microsoft products are popular mainly because of the existing hook Microsoft have on the market. With MS, its all about marketing from this point on.  Microsoft generally do NOT provide us with the best solutions for the task.

Its proven that Linux is far superior to Windows. Oracle is more advanced than SQL. SharePoint is perhaps the least friendly collaboration tool. Windows Live search is just a joke compared to Google. MSN Messenger does not come close to comparing with Skype. The list continues. In Microsofts defense, Microsoft Office and Visual Studio are good solid applications. With the exception of the Office Automation APIs which are COM based, outdated and full of bugs.

In 2009, as much as I support the efforts of all Linux developers, and really enjoy using the OS, it seems that Linux is just not getting the support it needs to become mainstream. What Linux really needs is more backing from the important players in this game. Skype, Adobe, the Gaming industry and Google to name a few. This is not going to happen until one or more of these players can find a way to loosen the grip MS have on consumers.

The best way I can describe this situation is : Imagine for a minute that you’re dating a partner that makes you unhappy, in order to be with someone who makes you happy, you first need to drop the dead wood. Microsoft is this bad partner, that is indeed hindering the future of computing and future possibilities.

Is Google our new hope? Possibly! You have to admit that there is nothing inferior about any product Google have released. The company is alive with ideas that are mainly beneficial to us. What I really admire about Google is the quality of their work. Google, more than any company are in the position to know what end users really want, what true business needs we’re demanding.

Googles latest ambition is to replace conventional email, I believe they will succeed. MS will once again be forced into the position of playing catch up. Google Wave will become the next standard in communication. Wave does far more than replace the nature of email, it will also revamp the way web applications communicate with each other. You can see where this is heading right? Essentially we have the building blocks for an operating system.

If Google had to produce an operating system, I can assure you, it would far exceed anything we’ve ever seen before. It would be a smart, purpose driven operating system. I would imagine, lean, reliable and efficient. Would this be enough to break the MS Stronghold? Possibly!

Why do large corporates get involved with Microsoft if  it’s not the most cost effective or ideal solution? Microsoft have provided MOSS to be the heart of information sharing within an organisation, a product that’s so complex, outdated, and lacking that its crying out to be replaced. Imagine if these corporates could tap into the vast power of Googles information indexing, search and collaboration? Imagine how all round producivity would increase? Imagine bridging VPN access without costly solutions? I can assure you this would be a good day for IT in general if Google were to take some control of the situation. Imagine from an IT service point of view, a user never loosing another document? Imagine never loosing another email? Imagine Operating Systems so specific to the task that it would be impossible to accidently download a virus or crash the OS. This is the future, and Google I believe will make all of this a reality. I expect within the next 10 years the face of IT will change, but it will not change quick enough, so long as Microsoft still have the stronghold on the products we use, and still manage to lock themselves into the pockets of large corporates in every way shape or form.

One thought on “When will Google release an OS?

  1. I’ve got a feeling that Windows will remain the king of “traditional” personal computing, and that the next king of OS’es will be in a slightly different domain, such as mobile phones, where there’s is quite a lot of development and competition going on.

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