YouTube needs some serious boycotting

I’ll get straight to the point, lately YouTube are permitting censoring that is seemingly in violation of a basic human right called freedom. Since when is singing a song in violation of a copyright act?

Don’t believe me watch this here:

Now you might be thinking that YouTube are only complying with legislation, but the point is, YouTube should be fighting for our human rights, and our freedom. What ever did happen to freedom of speech, freedom to broadcast. Why are so many movies continually popping up with – this movie is not available in your country, or WMG has removed the audio track because it does not comply with certain standards.

What I’m thinking is if YouTube is going to comply with this dubious censorship, then perhaps its time we found and used a free media service, one that won’t chop off our tongues when we open our mouth.


One thought on “YouTube needs some serious boycotting

  1. I posted a link to a speech about copyright by Senator Macaulay as well as a well written comment about the abuses of Nintendo in its recent copyright deal. Youtube proceeded to censor all of my comments. There were no foul words. No inciting of rebellion. I even defended copyright. Their well within their rights to censor their service. But I disprove of their brainwashing of the youth of the internet by only allowing corporately clean opinions to be expressed.

    If youtube wants to ban political speech they can loose my money from watching adverts. I will never use their service again.

    I think this falls into the realm of human rights, but obviously corporations don’t have to respect them. Tis unfortunate. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in.

    I have deleted my youtube and gmail accounts.

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