This is a public announcement to Sony and Adobe

Dear Sony and/or Adobe

About 18 months ago I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-AR41s. When installed with Vista home premium factory state, the notebook came with too much bloat ware to mention, but it did include at least 1 useful utility, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 5.0.  Since the laptop cost over $4300 dollars, I would have expected more to be honest.

Its now 18 months later, and I’ve done yet another clean install, this time I would like to use PhotoShop Elements, however neither Sony, nor Adobe bothered to include any installation media for Adobe PhotoShop Elements 5.0 because of this you have essentially put me, the customer in a position that is somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

I decided to save both Sony and Adobe the trouble of a support call, and decided I would visit to try and locate the install media, but after a while I searching I see that Adobe do not offer downloads of old versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Neither is there any mention of this software on the Sony site, neither Europe or World.

To resolve my issue that frankly I blame both Sony (for not including any install media with their products) and Adobe (for not providing any archived versions of products for download), I have decided to download and install Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 (Yes a fully functioning version!) This is the closest version I could find that relates to the product I have paid a premium for.

I have posted this decision publicly, because I feel it is the quickest resolution of the problem for all parties involved (a) Sony (b) Adobe (c) Me. If any Sony or Adobe representive is unhappy with the way I have dealt with this then contact me with details on how to obtain installation media for Adobe PhotoShop Elements 5.0.

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