Roboform and Google, what’s going on?

Roboform is a utility that you use for quick and easy form filling, but its best feature is true one click login to any password protected website. If you’ve ever used Roboform, you’ll know why its so popular, because it works! A lot of people who use Roboform simply cannot do without it. I personally have a Roboform pro license, money well spent, until I switched to Chrome. I had a choice to go with Chrome or continue using FF with Roboform support, I decided I would switch to Chrome, simply because Chrome is really quick. But I really do miss the functionality of Roboform.

Roboform don’t really have much to say about NOT supporting Chrome, except the following short statement.

Browsers Currently Under Development

Google Chrome

We are nearing completion of early development. An alpha release will be ready by Q4 2009.

There are also some fan sites that have sprung up like : a site completely dedicated to ranting about Roboform NOT supporting Chrome.

Not sure exactly why Roboform have waited this long to begin development on Chrome support. This company under estimates the value of sharing news with its customers.

My last point is… Google have released a great browser, but there are a few things I’ve noticed about it that I really don’t like…

1. The download manager (if you can call it a download manager) – lets just call it – the way Google handles downloads

2. No XML formatting in the browser, IE and FireFox actually both do this nicely.

3. The Google password manager is perhaps the worst implementation of a password manager I have ever seen. They should have rather not included it at all, because unless its just me, a lot of the time it just doesn’t work.

4. And this is where Roboform comes in – lack of good plugin support. But DAP doesn’t work, neither does Freedownload Manager, yes they say it does, but its quirky and unreliable.

I am kind of in a dilemma at the moment with browsers. FireFox is exactly the browser I like, except Chrome. So right now I’m wondering if I should just compromise on start up speed and try to tweak Firefox, and just uninstall Chrome.


3 thoughts on “Roboform and Google, what’s going on?

  1. I actually love the RoboForm software myself. I use it all of the time and it takes all of the menial everyday tasks that I have to perform on my computer daily and shortens them extremely! What once took me fifteen minutes to complete now takes me only one second because RoboForm does the same task with just one click. In fact I wrote a Report about a lot of RoboForm’s capabilities for use that aren’t even touched on in the User’s Manual for RoboForm. You can get that Report here:

    [link removed – reasons explained in the comments]

    There is also a FREE version of RoboForm that you can download on this web page, just to test the RoboForm software out for yourself! I highly recommend it!

    • Hi Omarra, thank you for your comment – sure its a good piece of software. I’ve removed your link because I think (know) you are a Roboform affiliate. I bothered to read your page, clever and sly, and it won’t fly here.

      If you want to get people to buy into your product, I suggest you start telling them the truth! Rather than promising them functionality you can’t deliver on.

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