A few inventions we’re missing

We’re living in the days of miracles and wonders and long distance calls (Paul Simon). But I wonder how much of our tax payers money goes into funding Space exploration and other seemingly worthless pursuits. I wonder why we’re not chanelling that energy into every day use common inventions that we could all use. Here is a list of my top 8 inventions I think we’re missing out on.

1. A global text/speech speech/text translator, built into telephone network providers.
Why is it still not possible to phone a server via a translator to speak to someone on the other end who only speaks German or Italian for example. Why is there no real time translation middlewear? If this is too higher grade, why not just a really good skype translator, one that actually works! If Google translate is our only hope, the whole business of unifying the planets differant languages has a long way to go.

2. True tele commuting
Its the year 2009 and the planets dying from polution, yet we’re all still expected to go to work, everyday, all the time. Until we begin to rethink our strategies, true deurbanisation will never happen. Instead we’re all forced to live in stressful cities where all the work is, and because of this, I guess we’re also forced to demand higher salaries. If we were to work remotely on a full time basis there would be a lot of savings for everyone, and the planet would be greener. We need to rethink management stategies, providing achievable tasks that can be measured. We already have broadband and programs like Skype allows for free conferencing. Why are we not yet breaking away from the traditional 80’s office concepts.

3. Have express visa processing based on status.
Not everyone visiting the UK, US, or EU States – wants to move there and take along their 11 wives. Creating a whole army of east facing turks! Yet we’re all treated the same. Make an application – get scrutinized. Why can’t this scrutiny be instant! based on other deciding factors and lets say pre-determined by co-operation of local government, bank and employer. Instead we’re all cattle, and get asked for chest x-rays at the airport!

4. The automatic clothes ironer
I know this might sound silly, but since we’ve invented the dishwasher, clothes washer, and car washer, can’t someone please invent the Clothes Ironer… damn it takes long, and we all hate ironing!

5. A cordless iron
If you can’t invent the iron, then could someone find a way to get rid of that infernal cord that keeps getting in the way!

6. A weight loss product that actually works
There must be 1 million products on the market that claim to help you loose weight, and NOT even 1 of them helps! So surely someone can come up with just 1.

7. An electic/hydrogen car
Yeah yeah yeah, its developed, tested and in use in California. Why can’t you buy one? Why is it only available in California?

8. A system that will educate 3rd world countries
Lets face it, we’ve been trying to educate 3rd world countries, well since we originally colonised them, and where has it got us? Close to absolutely bloody nowhere! The locals STILL want to have 1000’s of kids, still appear to want to spread the aids virus. Still cannot product enough food and water for general use. Still cannot over throw dictatorship. But every year we sent these locals millions of dollars worth of aid. Why do we do this? Why have they not already grasped the basics?