Why Windows Live Sky Drive Sucks

Windows Live Sky Drive, is another perfect example of an almost useless tool, that could be so much better if only some more additional planning has gone into the product. Don’t hold your breath for Microsoft to actually “enhance this offering”

  1. Sky Drive Limits uploaded file sizes to 50MB
    This seems daft and I am not sure why Microsoft decided to do this. I guess mainly because it allows more clients to connect to the service at once at less cost. But this means you can’t just upload stuff, you gotta come up with all sorts of workarounds for files larger than 50MB
  2. Sky Drive uploads using standard HTTP
    This might be fine if you’re uploading 4-5 files, but since Microsoft actually bother to give you 25GB, hopefully you’re going to upload more… Good luck doing all of this “by hand”, file by file…. This is perhaps the make or break issue and what ultimately means Sky Drive Sucks.
  3. No FTP Access, and no mapping Sky Drive to a drive in Explorer.
    What were the developers thinking, why did they bother calling it SkyDrive, it should have been called, LiveSimpleStore or SkyFileHold, There is nothing about this product that resembles a drive in any way. Please grow brains guys! If you’re offering free online file storage, and 25Gb’s of it, at least make it useable so that people will actually use that free space.

I really wish Microsoft would  retract SkyDrive from their product range, or enhance it, so that its actually usable.


26 thoughts on “Why Windows Live Sky Drive Sucks

  1. Hi Michael,

    I work on SkyDrive… Thanks for checking it out and posting your feedback!

    In response to point number 2, you can install an ActiveX plugin that will allow you to drag and drop files into the upload page. It will also allow you to upload many more files than one at a time. In addition, if you’re uploading photos and you use Windows Live Photo Gallery, upload of photos to your SkyDrive is integrated directly into the client.

    We are aware of your other concerns. We work hard to be thoughtful about providing a positive user experience to all of our users.

    Finally, I want to make sure you know that we’re working on enhancing and improving SkyDrive all the time. I hope that you will give us another shot in the future.

    • Hi, thanks for you reply.

      I am assuming Microsoft actually
      (a) Have the space to offer each user 25GBs, (b) Have the infrastructure to allow for many more active users if Skydrive picks up. (c) There is no political motivations to purposely cripple your product.

      If my assumptions are correct, you don’t need a rocket science degree to tell you how you can readily improve your offering, (a) Allow FTP Access (b) Remove the 50MB file restriction, (c) improve the transfer speed.

      If you just did that, I am sure you could release another updated prototype in under 1 month, even the most anal project practices could see a production implementation in 4 months, even if all the people involved were high on strong muscle relaxants.

      Right now your product is free. I am sure you could even get away with charging users a nominal fee of say 10 dollars a year for the service, and you would still come off looking like “The good guys”.

      Stop enhancing the product “in the browser, and in IE”, time for you guys to think outside of the Microsoft box.

  2. I Think Skydrive is a Really Convient FREE Storage Unit. Sure you can only Hold 50 MB but i Use WinRAR For That The Only Problem is Thats is SLOW AS HECK. Which is why i Upload with my other computer.

  3. I’ve been trying to find a way to use skydrive to store backups of my wordpress site. rar’d it’s 63 mbs, I’m unable to use it for that which kind of sucks, I really like skydrive. Id even pay for an option to allow 100-200 mb uploads.

    • Well you could use Gladinet, which does some shrinking and splitting in the background to allow you to backup files larger than 50MB to Skydrive.

  4. Wow you got a reply from a “microsoft” guy that’s great. To bad the fix you suggested never even got looked at. I guess it’s nice to know they “care” though. Not spam at all, use backazon.com. Amazon S3 servers, cheap i like it. Good points though


  5. I did consider Gladinet, but the free version doesn’t include the file splitting. I paid for the upgrade, I was looking for an alternative to Gladinet since skydrive is free and convenient.

    It doesn’t make sense to pay for a program to be able to use a free service just or the sake of 15 mbs. Isn’t a big deal, and it’s worth it to have everything in one place.

    Thanks for the idea.

  6. Erm, the most likely reasons for the slow upload speeds is because our ISP’s give us slow upload speeds, I’m using shaw extreme speed, that gives amazing download speeds of 15mb/s however upload speeds are limited to 1mb/s, not sure how some of you get 15mb/s upload unless your paying $100 a month unless your talking about 1500kb/s or the more reasonably 15kb/s

  7. I just upgraded from Office Live Workspace to Skypdrive and it sure was a mistake. I agree that Skydrive sucks. Big deal that you are able to edit documents on there. That and bigger space is all you get. No more calendar, no goodies, and no more editing from your own PC and direct uploading to your Office Live Workspace.

    Why is there no method to degress back to what I was happy with?

    Guess I may have to start looking back at Google again.

  8. Skydrive sucks. All I want is to send pictures as attachments and at the other end open the email save the attachments to a folder. The pictures from skydrive look like crap, I have no use for skydrive. The morons from microsoft does it again….

    • ” I want to make sure you know that we’re working on enhancing and improving SkyDrive all the time. I hope that you will give us another shot in the future.”

      One point five years later and still NOTHING has changed. LOL!

  9. So guys, from what I have to see, SkyDrive SUCKS. I was just attempting to access my OneNote files online to edit them, and for some reason Ctrl+Z stopped working to undo my actions. So, I refresh the page. Wrong move.

    ERROR: “We can’t show you that page…Our server is having a problem. We’re working to fix it as soon as we can, so try again in a few minutes.”

    This is total bull.

    I use DropBox — it’s free (for up to 2GB), allows mapping onto your harddrive explorer, it CAN handle multiple file uploads, AND it can handle up to 300 MB per file, and automatic file syncing. It’s wonderful, needless to say.

    If anyone wants to check it out, go here: http://db.tt/em3MtTx

    In sum: SkyDrive officially sucks. I only, ONLY use it for my OneNotes, which I tend to access from multiple computers. Mind you, it has UBER-LIMITED editing options — such a disappointment after MS Office 2010 was released for the sole cause of being able to use in-browser — and it’s sad since in 3 years, the only thing they could “update” for their product was adding a clunky page when you click on the MS icon in the top left and duplicating exactly the features from Word into OneNote — quite sad that it took THAT long for them to finally fix it. Sad.

    Update: And my SkyDrive is still not letting me access it. To say the least, I’m quite cheesed.

  10. You are all missing some crucial points in the Skydrive office live comparison.

    4. Doesn’t have notifications when files are added, modified or changed (Huge benefit to Office Life Workspace)

    5. Isn’t backwards compatible with the previous office live ad-don for office 2007 (forces you to purchase or pirate a copy of office 2010 😉

    6. Doesn’t properly tag the users that add/modify files. It says “Someone modified” instead of the person name in some cases.

    Summary – While it was a good attempt at a google like (cloud) approach for Windows Live proponents, it fails at some key characteristics that made the office live workspace enjoyable.


  11. OMG Skydrive is the worst ever.. i just got an external drive which works fine cause i don’t think Skydrive will improve

  12. What are you all expecting from Skydrive? Would you like it to chauffeur around everything for you? The last time I checked, anytime that anyone buys a car and they want to drive it, they must have (by law at least in the USA) a license to drive they vehicle.

    I really think that people should know how to use a computer and the basic software functions before they purchase one. After all, when was the last time anyone bought a car that assumed to know where you wanted to go and to do what you wanted it to do? It’s coming, but at least for now you have to know how to use a vehicle before you get behind the wheel or you’re going to have a bad experience.

    I’ve been a happy Skydrive user for 6 months now and I look forward to the continued improvements.

  13. What are we expecting? Something that functions to the point of being usable. Now MS is starting to force people to use it for their Windows Phone backups now.

    And just what “improvements” have there been since you have only used it for six months?

  14. What i hate about skydrive? the web user interface is a total mess, totally anoying, why could’nt they have done it like Windows Explorer?? Would be MUCH more usable this way… you know, with a tree of directory… zip files icons looks like folders… you can’t upload more than 5 files at the time… wtf?? Last time i checked, windows support multiples files selection in an open dialog… Not being able to upload a directory is also anoying. As for the files splittings, that not so bad if you know how to use winrar, but still suck. Not being able to see multiple files size or directory size. At last but not the least, they’re is no way to know how much space you have left, or taken. Oh, and no progress bar for uploading files in xp… Good job MS, good job…

  15. Gosh, didn’t Microsoft have anything better to do? I was working on an essay, and I had typed up 9 pages. Then, I save, and take a break. When I come back, the page is frozen for some reason, so I restart Chrome. Then, once I go back to my SkyDrive, I click on my essay, and the only version left is the blank page. I know I saved like 15 times in between typing, but yet, I lost all the work. Well, maybe instead of trying to recover deleted files Microsoft, you can work on fixing the “Save” button. Trust me, this has happened to about 7 other people I know: all their work goes vamoosh. When you’re trying to pull off an all-nighter, then this stuff isn’t very convenient, I’ll tell you that.

  16. Sky Drive needs lots of improvement. Right now it sucks. If I want to backup my computer I now use an external hard drive. ++++ Sky-in-the-pie-drive.

  17. Nice that Skydrive’s free but why I can’t see the full file name when in list view & why is the search function useless? Truncated file names (limit of about 27 characters) and a weak search function (search fails to find dates that are part of my file names?) mean you can’t find your files! Skydrive shows a file’s upload date (not the date created) and its size. Not to push Google, but try comparing Skydrive to Googledocs, where finding docs is no problem.

  18. Skydrive clearly does not live up to its billing. I have several windows computers and an ipad. I use onenote. sometime the ipad files are avilable on the PC and other times not. From one laptop I put files on skydrive but can’t see them on my other PC but I can on my ipad. there is no rhyme or reason that I can uncover at the present. It seems that it will work pretty good for a single device user but whe crossing platforms or adding a second device of the same platform it blocks sharing. there is no documentation that I have found how as to how this works and relating to how to make sure it works everytime. I do not understand what Microsoft is doing here.

  19. I must say Sky Drive has vastly improved.

    I tested it last week with a 150MB file and uploaded it within 1 minute.

    The 25GB I get for storage is awesome tool.

  20. Windows live mesh was a flawless program and an excellent way to store files on the cloud…why the hell did they not just keep Windows live Mesh and just call it Skydrive instead??? Skydrive is extremely confusing, It copied the exact same files back to my hardrive thus reducing my space, my files were scattered all over the skydrive storage on the internet….the folders it was suppose to monitor were not the same ones that I wanted to keep updated…etc, etc……this is a garbage program that needs a LOT OF WORK!! I have never had problems with MESH but this skydrive debauchery has to go!
    I will not be using this service, EVER AGAIN!

  21. I can’t believe Skydrive is still unusably slow garbage from Office 2013. Try saving documents regularly from Excel or Word — seems like a great idea, it’s so terrible I’ll just be moving over to Google Drive. I even lost a time tracking spreadsheet for thousands of dollars’ worth of labor and had to wing it from memory. Bad!

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