Techsmith, could you possibly have anything bad to say about this company?

Yes, their pricing model, that’s about it.

Techsmith is one of my all time favorite software companies. Over the years they’ve produced some really great products. My all time favorite being “Camtasia”, the best screen recording and casting solution available.

I’ve used Camtasia before, and its always a joy when you work for a company that can afford licensing for Camtasia, unfortunately its expensive, I mean really expensive. If you’re not feeling rich, you can always download their 30 day free and fully functional trial. If you want something more permanent then you can always try Jing, its 100% free, but its not quite as polished as Camtasia.

The guys at Techsmith also are the proud creators of another really polished solution for uploading, storing and sharing your screen casts. I’ve used this as a freelancer, and it really impresses clients when you send them a screen cast link.

What I really admire about Techsmith is that they actually care about their customers. When Techsmith schedule server downtime, they inform their customers. For example:

TechSmith will be conducting scheduled maintenance on Saturday, August 15, 2009, between 12:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., EDT.

This type of personal care is so uncommon lately, most online providers NEVER inform their users, but you can be sure BIG Apologies later, and BIG excuses. Techsmith on the other hand never need to apologize to anyone, because they are well organized, and like I’ve said they keep their customers informed.

Really wish they would bring down the price of Camtasia, always wanted to have a legal copy of that software, but its just too damn expensive.