Will Google Caffeine suprise us?

Google are at it again, revamping their search engine, this time the development is code named ‘Caffeine’. You can find a working demo here

I think most of us starting to see a trend with Google. The start something and um…. its rare to see anything complete come out of Google. What ever happened to the promised G Drive? Why are we waiting for Betas of Wave? How about Google OS, any chance of that coming out sometime? Not to mention the scores of other promised products we’ve been told Google are developing.

Yet somewhere and somehow, someone at Google decided it was time to revamp their search engine, I guess their core offering. Perhaps its wrong of me to question, but surely these resources would be better off spent completing other outstanding projects?

Why the revamp? Is Bing really putting that much pressure on Google? Somehow I can’t see this being possible, but if you can think of another reason, please be my guest. An offering that has the monopoly, only needs to improve if its threatened.

What exactly is Bing? Only Windows Live Search with a face job. Bing is to Live Search, as lipstick is to a bulldog. Underneath its still ugly, and unless you don’t mind sifting through tons of irrelevant crap results, most people use Google.

There is a very good reason for this. Google is more than a search engine, its an era. Either be first or be the best – Microsoft Bing may be new, but its not the best, arguably the image results do look way more prettier than Googles, for this it adds some value. I guess its thanks to the developers of Bing its possible they’ve created some more jobs at Google,

Anyways – this post is not about Bing.

I’m interested in exactly what Caffeine has install for us, I had a look at the sandbox demo, and didn’t find anything remarkable, just yet!

I’m getting a bit tired of of all these prototypes and unfinished or rumored products, Google say they have. Most of us were more than used to the old Google search. I’m also wondering exactly what new value Google intend to roll into ‘Caffeine’. Yet another part of me is wondering why Google are investing development energy into “Yet another unfinished Google product” instead of finishing off and actually producing one of the other countless products they’ve been promising.

Right now I’m more interested in

  • Google Wave
  • G Drive (If it exists)
  • Google OS

I know Google have a whole lot more open projects on the table right now. So why the heck did Google j