Guildwars vs WoW

This post could also be called – “Guild wars from a WoW Players perspective”.

I know a lot of the videos you see “Guild wars vs WoW” start off with a 20 minute talk about character customization. If you haven’t watched those vids, you can grab them here and here.

I think its important to mention the following to any WoW player who is interested in purchasing a copy of Guildwars.


Before you say- “oh that’s a good thing”. Just be sure you know exactly what is different. In Guild Wars – You don’t get a fully explorable seamless game universe. In WoW you explore the world, and while you’re exploring you just never know who you are going to meet up with, or if you’re going to get ganked, etc. The whole WoW universe is seamless without long loading times. You and everyone else in WoW play in the same game universe. Guild Wars works differently. Most WoW players won’t understand unless it’s explained like this:  Imagine if Cities like Stormwind or Shattrath were the only places you could hookup with other players and chat in world. Imagine if every time you left a city, you did not enter into the world, but into an instance of the area you visited, and while there world chat didn’t work. For example the whole of “Goldshire” would be an instance. This is exactly what its like in Guild Wars. The explorable areas (in WoW: the world) are all instances in Guild Wars, and only You and your team can ever enter these areas.

As a WoW player its very important you understand this before you rush out and buy Guild Wars, it might not obvious, but it gets worse.


Some guys have gone as far to say that PVP doesn’t exist in Guild Wars, this is not true. Guild wars does have PVP action, but you can only PVP in arenas. Its impossible to just meet someone in the wild and because of this, the game world feels more like a LAN party game, rather than a true MMORPG.


Its true the graphics are a lot better, I’ve never really liked the bubble gum WoW graphics. Just don’t confuse better graphics = better game play.


WoW mobs are pretty damn stupid, no doubt about this. In Guild Wars, the mobs have been better programmed. Its mainly to do with the way they patrol and group, but the overal PVE action is better in Guild Wars.


Guild Wars has a max level of 20. In the time it takes to get to level 10 (thats 1/2 way through the game), you can get there with only upgrading your armor once, and weapon twice. This is because its unlikely anything good is going to drop from the environment during these levels, and so your best bet is just to buy from the vendors. You can craft, but you don’t get professions. In my experience the crafting is clunky.


WoW might not be cutting edge, but it can be fun, and at least you know exactly what you’re getting with WoW. An epic, and long MMORPG with crafting, fighting, lore and items. Guild Wars on the other hand, is hard to explain, because I get the feeling even the game is confused. It’s a game that doesn’t know if its diablo or an MMORPG. But it tries to be both. The best way to describe Guild Wars would be like this: “Guild Wars is a game where you level up to a max level 20 by doing PVE Quests and exploring, once you get to level 20, you can then take part in Arena PVP Battles”.

7. Lastly, Blow for blow guild wars has better PVE combat action

Don’t think the PVE is revolutionary because its not, if anything its just average. The point is blow for blow, WoW action leaves a lot to be desired. In WoW, depending on your class,  it’s nearly impossible to retreat, if for example, you’ve gone with being a warrior. WoW combat is kinda boring too (No combos, no parry moves, strafing and moving around is almost a waste of time. Its best just to stand there and try do as much damage as quickly as possible, while at the same time monitoring your health. Guild Wars doesn’t do much better, except that for some reason the mob AI is better, and it feels more rewarding when you win.  Please don’t take this as a reason to go out and buy the game, I stress again we’re talking about an old game with an old combat system. If you want real action, try Assassins Creed 2 (not an MMORPG, just a single player action, but certainly gives you a lot of fun while involved in combat).


Most people who review Guild Wars tell you how great a game it is, and how it “Doesn’t have a monthly fee”. Every single GW player review I have seen starts off with a guy holding the CD, this is great I am happy these guys have a sense of permanent ownership over their game. But if cost is not an option there are better games out there, games better than either GW or WoW.

Some people might like the game, but I can’t help feeling a bit robbed by spending money on the game. It provides an average gaming experience. Its not bad, but I wouldn’t rush out and buy it. Having said that I am sure in the next 5 years someone is going to bring out a game that combines all the good MMORPG elements, with some decent PVP combat too, and PVE action. But sadly WoW is not that game either. If you’re tired of WoW and looking for something better, sorry it aint GW.

One thought on “Guildwars vs WoW

  1. This will be called, “Guild Wars from a perspective of someone who has spent a lot of time in both worlds”

    1. Yes GW is nothing like WoW thank god. While the seamless world is nice, the loading times are livable, 5 second max loading isnt enough to ruin a game, and there are no spawn camping times. I got so sick of waiting around forever for the one boss to spawn in WoW only to have some jerk off run in and take it away from me, which comes to the next point:
    2. No ganking, loot stealin in GW. One of the main reason I gave up on WoW was for this very reason. I have no use for a game that rewards jerks in this manner and punishes people just interested in playing the game. As far as dueling goes, you can 1v1 anyone, just do it in a guild hall and its not like it takes elaborate setting up. You both enter the hall, one person clicks a button to make a match, the other guy joins, match started. You can even have up to 8 people in each team if you so choose.
    3. No need to elaborate on the graphics, even die hard WoW’ers know GW has better eye candy, and Eye of the North expansion pushes it even farther.
    4. Oh it was so refreshing to get halfway competent mob AI and they even juiced it up recently with an update. Its a true challenge now in PvE as it should be, and provides endless mob smashing fun.
    5. WoW armor sets and weapons are pretty nice, but thats because that game is based solely on how much of your life and money you are willing to waste to get the best stuff in order to be the best. Gear in GW has gotten much nicer looking over time, I’ll admit some of the early stuff just plain sucks, but you don’t need epic gear to hold your own in the game. Someone with a rare piece isn’t gonna run you into the ground based solely on how long they play. I was glad I hit a level cap at 20, since its not based off of endless leveling and grinding. At 20 is when the game really starts.
    6. I strongly disagree with this one, other than the crafting, I missed absolutely nothing from WoW that GW didn’t offer better. The lore of the game is massively deeper, the gameplay is seamless and challenging, the skills are endlessly combinable to create your own custom build to fit your playstyle, it rewards you for your skill at gameplay, not the depth of your wallet or the expanse of your free time, the PvP system is a strong core of the game but it does not define it. There are so many things you can do in both PvP and PvE you will not be disappointed. After about hitting level 50 in WoW I was so sick of the game I had no desire to keep plaing so I would take lengthy month-long breaks until I could stomach it again. Once I swapped to GW I have yet to break for any length of time.
    7. The PvE combat has defined the game and is one of the main components that captivate people so completely. WoW started in the right direction, but sadly they went the way of so many MMO’s, which is after your wallet instead of your loyalty. I have never had any problem paying for the GW’s campaigns and upgrades because I knew I would be rewarded in the gameplay, whereas with WoW, every purchase I made and every monthly bill I paid just reminded me once I got in game I would still be facing the sluggish combat, the rude community, and the nagging question of why am I still paying for this?

    While WoW has so much potential to be a great game, it is lost on corporate greed I think. The overall community of it is less than inviting as well, and the monthly fee is the final slap in the face. And yes I still play every now and then to see if things have turned around, and I hope someday they will, but until then I will stick with my Guild Wars and continue playing a game I enjoy. Do I think it the best game you can get? Absolutely not, but it is always a game you can rest assured you won’t regret buying.

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