Fly Headphones for Gaming and Music

I just bought a new set of these. Just have one thing to say – “Frigging amazing!!!”

If you’re bored and have some money lying around, you should consider going wireless. Here are some photos:

Sound: The sound that comes out of these speakers is really clear and the bass is deep. Its the perfect balance between tiny in ear (Ipod type) speakers, and Big Ass Club land type speakers. Its comfortable too, perfect for gaming or music. Good for Skype too.

Quality: Good looking and the quality is outstanding. Leather and slick looking plastics.Volume controls included on the headset.

Latency: Virtually 0ms, or so low, there is just no delay in sound. This is because its wireless, and not bluetooth.

What are they like to have?: Amazing, being free of that annoying cord is something pretty amazing. I think I’ve always had a cord, and so this is really comfortable. Another cool thing is the range, you can pretty much get up and walk around the house, without having to be interupted. This means you are more free to do stuff around the house. Stuff that was never possible before. A few ideas

  1. Keep your headset on while taking a toilet break.
  2. Have a snack, make the snack, and eat it without that annoying cord in the way
  3. Do housework with them on, pretty much anything your hands are free remember.
  4. Have a cleaner PC environment, 1 less cord.

Price: Not cheap, but you only live once right?


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