Password Manager for Google Chrome.

Sorry to disappoint you if you clicked on this post, expecting to find a solution. It seems there just isn’t a really good password manager for Google Chrome, neither a free solution or a commercial option.

I really like Chrome its fast and light weight. But how could anyone seriously use it for day to day browsing? Google Chrome is similar to a fast sports bike. Great for Sunday drives around the track, but its not road worthy, and miserable in the rain. You’re going to miss a boot, and a hood.

Firefox is just a much more mature browser. It has a built in spell check, loads of skins and addons. Chrome might start up faster, might be able to run outrageous JS and AJAX, but at the end of the day I need more out of a browser than pure speed.

Google in all their brilliance might have revolutionized the browsing engine, but they’ve also failed critically to provide a truly usable product. With all their talk about open source, I wonder why they failed to release a developers SDK for Chrome? How are add-on vendors supposed to support this browser?


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