Could twitter be shitter?

Could someone please teach me how to extract truly valuable information from Twitter? The whole system to me seems like a searchable collection of verbal diarrhea.

I’ve really tried searching twitter for topics I find interesting, but in my experience most of the results (well ALL, but I will try to be diplomatic) are not very informative at all.

I can understand that Twitter might be used as an event tracking system or possibly even to quickly give others insight into your product development, but I’ve yet to see this being used effectively. A lot of companies have a link to a twitter feed, but its questionable if this is the inside track you might be looking for.

Just because someone said it, doesn’t mean they’re right, because so few people are really in the know, and so many people like to talk, a lot of the information you find on Twitter is speculative or downright wrong.

Are people who use Twitter bored or lonely?

Here are some typical twitter posts ! If these are yours you need to leave the house, right now!

Racquetball with the guys , it’s been awhile.

up early in the morning, had my breakfast at home, in the class right now. success.

Im sleepy. Never been like this in 6 months or so.

my internet is down yet my spirits are up

Yes they’re all colored pink because these posts couldn’t be more gay.

One thought on “Could twitter be shitter?

  1. I do agree there is quite a low signal-to-noise ratio on twitter, but just anecdotally, I know of two cases where it was found useful.

    1) A friend of mine held a workshop for a class at the school where he used to study. Afterward he searched twitter for the name of their company, and was able to read some reactions by the participants.

    2) A finnish TV-show called Madventures has started airing on the travel channel, and I’ve been curious to find out what the international reaction to the show is, so I just search twitter for ‘Madventures’ every Monday, when it airs.

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