Say goodbye to Mininova

This post affects 6/10 people on this planet, because roughly 6/10 people are either directly downloading and distributing illegal content on the internet, or are just getting stuff for free they should be paying for.

In the latest in the clamp down on piracy, we’ve seen Mininova been given the ultimatum to either clear out all illegal content from their search index, or they’ll simply get shut down. Naturally Mininova complied and so you can no longer search for free programs, movies, games, HD rips, or anything of that nature from them. Mininova are just 1 in many Bittorrent distribution sites that are getting rapidly shut down, while Thepiratebay might still have some online presence, they too are facing pressure, and slowly closing their doors.

It seems the war on piracy is making huge leaps forward in eradicating illegal content via the bitTorrent (P2P) protocol. I would imagine that other services offering direct downloads (RapidShare) or newsgroup downloads (UseNext) will too soon be feeling real pressure to legalize.

Is this all a bad thing?

I would say I am not terribly sad to see these services being eradicated. If anything this extermination can’t come soon enough. Human nature is as such, people will get away with what they can. But once they can no longer get away with it any longer they adapt, and order is restored. Before you flame me just yet for this point of view, read on.

The more legal channels (no not TV channels but outlet channels) there are for movies, games and other entertainment media, lets not forget educational media, the more competition there is is the market place. As legal purchases rise, more companies emerge into these profitable arenas, and eventually the prices drop, because that is how economics works (supply and demand). Still you might be thinking nothing beats free?

While this is where you are wrong, because free can only be sustainable for so long. If a platform simply is not profitable enough it can get boycotted. PC gamers are already feeling this effect. Many game companies refuse to target the PC platform, because of the high rates of piracy.

I would say lessons need to be learnt. The public will not stop pirating on their own, and so because of this need these mechanisms taken out of their control. Like in the same way – people will not stop smoking, what they really need is to ban the sale of cigarettes, might sound Nazi, but I can promise you in the long term, people would be happier because of this.  On the flip side, Movie Studios, Music Producers, all artists involved need to tone down a bit, and provide the public with realistic pricing for entertainment material.

This whole sector needs to also start realizing that there are people who live outside of economically stable areas and outside of the US / Euro zone. Vast hordes of people would also like a piece of this entertainment action, but you can’t expect for example Eastern Europeans or Indians to be out buying a BD Disk once a week, when it costs 1/10 or 1/5 of their monthly income. You must understand these people don’t exactly have a moral dilemma pirating when they see John Travolta’s private Lear Jet collection, to these people the industry is rich enough, and they almost feel like they have a right to get that item for free as part of a rebellion to bring the prices down.

I’ve always said it, and I’ll say it again, if you want to stop the piracy – start by bringing the prices down, and make US and UK material readily available for the middle class outside of economically active zones.  Still we see most of the bigger names in the entertainment industry clearly do not understand this, neither are they suffering. The piracy continues, but this brings me to my next point.

The entertainment industry have the philosophy that – “We’re selling 10 now, if we eradicate piracy, people will be forced to buy, and so we’ll sell 100”. This is not exactly true, until the prices drop, most people will cut down severely on their now doses of entertainment material. In person trading (making copies for friends) has been going on for decades, and so far there is no way to eliminate this completely, other than doing away with the ability to have local copies of material.

Why am I fairly happy about all of this?

Because I believe we’re living in a time when the average person is misinformed. Misinformed or simply uninformed about world events and what exactly is going on with our planet. The general population is misinformed because they’re living in the free entertainment era, they’re coming home from work, watching DVD’s or playing XBox games. The average person does not read enough, and is an easy target for media brain washing, and new world order compliance.

Most people are naive enough to think that the US president actually has power, that just 1 man and his staff run a country. Most people have not heard of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, neither do they know that the US presidency is run by bankers.The reason why they don’t know any of this is because they’re too enriched with all this free entertainment media floating around and its a great distraction. Take away the freedom to pirate, and the overall awareness of facts will increase as people find better more wholesome ways to invest their time.

Some food for thought!

3 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Mininova

  1. I agree on the ethical idea that using or distributing copyright material/software is illegal but what is good for the goose is good for the gander – the moral and ethical responsibility goes both ways. The industry is inherently amoral and corrupt, from the content of films, games and tv shows to the exorbitant amount of money spent and made in the production while the majority of the world is suffering under poverty. I for one have no tear to shed for the Hollywood moguls or TV networks bemoaning piracy while the live in greed and affluence, while the deify celebrity stars, sell sex to children and break down social cohesion under the pretense of entertainment. I don’t find war entertaining, but how many war games are out there? This only imprint us with the belief that violence is the only method of conflict resolution and that the state is the source of ultimate power that will govern every aspect of your life. So one can argue that piracy is a means of rebellion against this empire, why pay for the propaganda if I could sell these pirate dvd’s and feed my family? Many people don’t know this but back in the day record companies protested music being played on the radio because they could not charge people to listen to it, but see what radio has done for the industry, the same applies for you being able to watch a movie free on tv, why should this business modal be any different to emerging media markets and the internet? After reading this article on boing boing I believe copyright issues is just a scapegoat for something far worse Good artcle Jaremy, keep it up!

  2. Back in the days when CD writers were over hundred pounds to buy, then it was like a weeks wage to me. I had a friend who downloaded all the new albums on DCplus and sold CDs to any one he could, and yes I did buy some off him. But why did I not buy from a shop? this is because CDs in the shops were so over priced and still are, if I remember right my friend was selling them for £4, and if only the record companies dropped the price of CDs to £5 or £6 pound they would still make loads of profit. This would put pirates like my friend out of business, who would buy a pirate copy when for not much more they could get a original. That annoyed me then and still does today.
    That’s what I think of CDs, what about DVDs
    I buy more DVDs now than I ever have, why?
    When new films come out if I like the sound of it, I down load a copy from a bit torrent site (ho no I’m braking the law)occasional the film is no good, but 95% of the time I like the film and as soon as I can I buy the DVD 2 disk version if possible. And you know what really annoys me when I buy the original DVD I have to put up with watching the load of crap that you can’t skip pass, yes that’s it the F%^$& anti pirate films and warnings, why am I forced to see that? I don’t have to put up with it when I down loaded the unlawful preview copy (yes that’s what I call it and it’s the best free advertising that the film makers have ever had) it’s made me buy a load more DVDs than ever, and I bet it makes more people go to the cinema to see it on the big screen.
    Long live file sharing.

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