Scam site of the week: Satellite Direct

For those of you looking for cheap internet TV, its my displeasure to inform you that you won’t be getting that service from Satellite Direct. The company pretends to offer you great TV packages from around the world for a once off fee of $49 Dollars.

The pricing structure should immediately set off some alarm bells. When ever a company offers you a once off fee, you need to ask yourself what guarantee do you have that the company will even be around in a year from now. Exactly what motivation do they have to keep offering you a service if they’ve already extracted the full fee from you upfront. It just doesn’t make good business sense for a service you would want to use for perhaps the next 5-10 years or the rest of your life, if its really that good.

The next big indication I got from this company that it’s a scam is the so called honest review about the services written by a US student. Which can be found here. The site might look innocent enough, but think about it – what normal Student on a budget has the time and money to setup a review site for some random service he found good. Setting up a WordPress blog is one thing, it can even be free, but a fully fledged website is not free, not at all. So this is obviously a setup from Satellite Direct. Any company that feels the need to write complete dishonest and fictional product reviews does NOT deserve our business. Especially in this case where they do not deliver on the product.

Unfortunately many people have already been scammed – if you want you can see a site containing 100’s of complaints about Satellite Direct. Perhaps the biggest scam in online TV ever. Read more here

This is a public service announcement, don’t get scammed!

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