LG Flatron W2442PA User Review (Not too technical)

Recently I went shopping for a new LCD, the LG Flatron W2442PA was at the top of my list, because it was reviewed as a good all rounder. What you are about to read is is not a detailed technical review of the hardware, if you are after a more technical description, please read this article here. This is just my informal thoughts on this pretty decent monitor.

The W2442PA comprises a a 24Inch HD (1920×1080)  display with a genuine 2ms response time. The contrast ratio is 10000:1 which is not over exaggerated. On paper it does look good, but what is it like for general usage?

1. Design

LG have gone for a stylish simplistic look. There is nothing overly complicated about the design, its functional, but still manages to give off an air of class. The screen is easy to reposition, and the display can tilt and swivel, so its easy to find a viewing sweet spot. You might have read that this monitor has a flimsy base. I’ll now let you in on a little secret. There is a pin at the back of the monitor which you need to remove once the monitor is in an upright position, before you do this the display rests on this pin, and because of this is highly sensitive to desk movement. After removing the pin, the monitor was much more sturdy. My guess is that there are people reviewing this monitor with the transport pin still in place.

2. Menu Options

The menu system is not intuitive at all. I like menu systems to have easy to understand interfaces. Unfortunately you’ll need to be a bit of a rocket scientist to figure the menu out. I wouldn’t let this put you off from purchasing this product, because it should arrive without needing any manual adjustment. Once a display is set, you typically will not be playing around with monitor settings.

3. Screen Size

24 inches of screen is the type of real estate you could really get accustomed to. I guess it depends what you’ll be using it for, but its large enough to sit a comfortable distance away from, while still not looking ridiculously huge. The screen size seems just right.

4: Resolution

+1: 1920 x 1080 is a great resolution, lots of screen real estate. This is a wide screen display, so perfect for programmers and designers.  Its recommended that you always run an LCD on its native res. 1920×1080 is quite high up on the resolution scales, so ensure you have a graphics card that can process high detail at those resolutions, if you are planning on watching HD content, or playing HD games. If you are in any doubt, visit a local computer store and see the differences for yourself. Read some articles, and make sure that your graphics hardware can cope.

5: Color and image quality

So far this monitor has been if anything average, however cosmetics aside, it scores highly for pure image quality. The color is outstanding. Images look realistic, not a single complaint. Only the most cynical hawk will tell you otherwise. I would even recommend this monitor for design usage. The refresh rate is 60Mhz, which is the same as 99.9% of LCDs out there, so its not like you can really make a comparison. I don’t have enough experience to tell you if this 2ms response time is better than a 5ms response time, but what I can say is the monitor looks great for general windows usage.

6: Motion and Gaming

This monitor scores an 8/10 for movies and games, motion looks good, but you will experience some screen tearing unfortunately. The problem is ALL LCD’s that run on such low refresh rates (60Mhz) are subject to screen tearing. Having said this its for the most part not that noticeable. If you’re serious about gaming then you’ll more than likely have a quality rig that is capable of playing your games above the 60FPS mark. Once your FPS exceed that of the monitors 60Mhz (60 draw frames per second), you will experience some degree of screen tearing. You can enable VSync and Triple Buffering, but this will only take you so far, in my experience it can even make the graphics look worse. I guess it depends on the rig and the game you are playing.

There might be some hope for the LCD world, Samsung have made headway, I can’t comment on how effective their new gaming monitor is. This display does seem to have a 120Mhz refresh rate. Theoretically this should solve screen tearing, but no review site I’ve found are willing to comment on this.

7: Speakers

The speakers on this monitor are so bad, I am not sure why LG even bothered putting them in. Honestly they’re the worst speakers you’ll ever find, anywhere! When I was growing up, we were once tasked with making a speaker out of some tin foil and a matchbox. The LG speakers sound worse than that matchbox. Forget listening to music on them, they’re emergency speakers at best. They’re just an embarrassment and I would suggest forgetting they exist. If I was comparing these speakers to a PC game, these speakers would be Big Rigs.

8: Overall

This monitor has really good inner core functions. The technology that drives the screen is great, and that’s perhaps the most important thing. The overall design is not bad, except LG should have emphasized the need to remove the transport pin from the back of the stand. The color is excellent and its capable of playing games and movies with reasonable results. The design management team that packaged the display made some wrong turns and should be fired / shot for not adding quality speakers.

Verdict: Highly recommended!

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