Logitech LS21 2.1 Speaker Unbiased Review

Today I will be reviewing the Logitech LS21 2.1 Speaker System. It’s important to mention that I don’t work for Logitech, and like ALL products I review on my blog, I’ve gone out and bought them with my own money. I don’t have any affiliations with any hardware or software companies. This is a private non profit WordPress blog, I do these reviews in my spare time, and I try to review every substantial product I buy, in this way helping you guys make a choice into buying it or not.

The story behind me buying these speakers is a bit different than usual. I was in a hurry, and bought them while doing my grocery shopping from the local supermarket. Yes, that’s right. I didn’t research them at all, or make a choice between all the other great 2.1 speakers out there. I noticed them on the shelf amongst a few other cheap speakers and thought “What the hell, I’ll give them a shot”.

My very first impression was obviously the price. They’re priced just under $50. Well this might not be the cheapest set around, it does fall in the “cheap range” of speakers. Before I popped them in the trolley, I gave the box a once over. The problem I have with Logitech products is they all claim to be outstanding. Most of the time they are, but every now and again, I’ve had bad experiences buying the cheaper priced Logitech products. I was skeptical but decided to take a chance.

The unboxing

I was still a bit worried by the time I got home. But I ripped open the packaging to reveal the speakers. The system comprises 2 speaker units and a sub woofer. As well as the speaker cabling and power cable. All in all the packaging was acceptable. It’s worth noting that the packaging is all made using recyclable materials.


The speakers are small, but not tiny. There is no doubt about it, they’re stylish. Due to their size they’re a perfect addition to your desk, not taking up too much space, or looking pimp. The sub woofer is designed to sit on the floor, and the only outstanding feature it possesses is the sub woofer speaker actually faces down towards the ground. Other than that it has a knob to adjust the bass level and inputs for the speakers. The cabling provided is outstanding, there is enough of it, and it’s intuitive. It has a volume control and headphone jack. Headphones not included (obviously). I’ll also add that I’m skeptical when I see a bass knob on computer sub woofers, usually it means turn up to hear cheap thuds and down to hear tin. So I turned it 1/2 way before plugging it all in.

The sound quality

Here was the real test. How would these “cheap” and “little” speakers perform. I did not have high expectations, but then…. I was astounded. Very clear sound, and a decent enough bass. I decided I would turn the bass knob up all the way. It maintained a deep quality bass. Next test was volume. Speakers on full, sound card output on full, and it kept clarity.

I’ll end by saying don’t be put off by the “cheap” price of these speakers, nor the size. They’re great for gaming, music and movies. Overall I highly recommend this product.


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