5 things I don’t feel sorry for

In this list you’ll discover 5 things people shouldn’t be doing, and yet when they get hurt or into trouble, due to their arrogance, they almost always fail to see what they were doing was wrong, and even continue to do so. Trust me, people who are involved or were involved in these activities do not need our sympathy.

1. Bull Wrestling or people who screw around with wild animals in general

Why I don’t feel sorry for them? Bulls are wild dangerous animals, best left alone in the wild. People who participate in these events have no concern for the animals welfare. Almost always when something bad happens, they’re puzzled. They also love to brag about how dangerous the so-called sport is, and how tough they are. Year after year more accidents happen, more people are crippled or end up with serious injuries, but it doesn’t stop these idiots coming back for more.

2. East Berlin Wall Guards who got killed by civilians trying to escape into West Berlin during the Berlin Wall Period.

Why I don’t feel sorry for them? They were trained to kill civilians trying to escape to a better life. I don’t care if it was “just a job” or if they felt they had some patriotic duty. They knew they were doing wrong! In one attempt to escape, an East Berlin guard gets shot and killed by a man fleeing with his wife and kids. The man opened fire because he believed the guard was about to kill his family. Tower guards reacted by taking pot shots  at the kids. Luckily that day this family managed to escape unharmed. But over a 1000 innocent people were killed trying to escape to West Berlin, mostly their crime was wanting to be reunited with their families.

3. Motor Bike show offs who get hurt

Why I don’t feel sorry for them? The web is full of videos of these show offs, who think they’re ultra cool. They’re ultimately using a piece of equipment in a way it wasn’t designed for, and its amusing when they fail. Trust me these most of these bozos have huge ego’s and don’t need your sympathy.While we’re on this point, I think this also covers stunt men who perform outrageous stunts where the result is inevitable also quality here.

4. Bill Gates, Win 98 Blue Screen of Death launch

Why I don’t feel sorry for him? Here is a company launching a product that clearly hasn’t undergone enough testing. The most popular desktop operating system of its time and it couldn’t even get through 5 minutes of presentation without a crash. Luckily things have improved since then.

5. Emo’s

Why I don’t feel sorry for them? The web is full of these preppy creeps, caught up in the emo fad. Luckily its just a fad, but omg how embarrassing for the emo’s who posted on you tube. Not the type of thing you want your kids or grandchildren to see.