The 7 commandments for the intelligent man on the internet

It seems the internet has been taken over by trolls, idiots and the misinformed. If you have reasonable intelligence and some morals, you’ll notice that the longer you spend on the internet the more you start to notice just how unreasonable, how ignorant and how common the average internet dweller is.

Here are a few must do things you can do to protect yourself from virtual insanity. If you’re finding you’re getting driven up the wall, not to worry do the following:

  1. Thou shalt visit small niched community sites more often as opposed to 1 site fits all sites targeting the general cattle population (example Reddit and Youtube).
  2. Thou shalt not tweet just for the hell of it, without a specific purpose in mind.
  3. Thou shalt use social networking, but thou shalt not get carried away with it. Keep things in perspective.
  4. Thou shalt learn 2 clear categories for sites you visit. Either thou is looking at sites targeting the cattle class, or thou is visiting sites with a specific niche. Specific niche communities tend to be smaller with much less trolls. Cattle class sites have a much higher troll population.
  5. When thou visits cattle class sites, thou shalt not not participate in discussions EVER! No discussion thou participates in will have any lasting effect on anyone. Getting involved in discussions will usually only end up with some troll throwing a wrench into the works, which will upset you.
  6. Thou shalt never cast thine eyes apon a Youtube comment, lest thy wishes to turn into a pillar of salt. Futhermore thou shalt endevour to install scripts such as “comment snob” or grease monkey to completely remove youtube comments from thine vision.
  7. Thou shalt attempt to seek out better internet grazing pastures with all thy strength, and avoid bathing in the dirty waters of youtube and reddit.