Electronic Cigarettes explained

Electronic cigarettes are definitely a new technology worth talking about. They’re as close as you’ll get to the real thing, without the health risks.

The glamor of the 50’s for the health conscience.

E-cigs do not produce carbon emissions and because of this no cancer causing toxins are delivered to your body. They do deliver nicotine, and so they can completely replace a regulars smokers habit / addiction.

Traditional quitting methods boil down to

  • A. Completely remove nicotine (cold turkey)
  • B. Reach a state of elevation which allows you to quit easily (Allen Carr Books or Hypnosis)
  • C Replace nicotine with non smoke related products that don’t resemble smoking (Gum, Snuff or Patch)
  • D. Drugs which have side effects that lesson the desire to smoke (Zyban)
  • E. Drugs which are designed to occupy nicotine receptors and reduce nicotine receptor functionality (Champix)

What is great about e-cigs are they invert the main problem with quitting, an e-cig doesn’t require you quit smoking, rather you switch to another device type. Similar to switching from a regular cigarette to a pipe.

28 days ago I quit regular cigarettes in favor for the e-cig. Since then my sense of smell has noticeably improved. Lung capacity enhanced (No more smokers cough), my overall energy levels have increased too.

I’m starting to appreciate the more subtle benefits. I can smoke e-cigs indoors, when others have to go outside (great for winter days or when its raining). I can take less breaks from the PC. If you’re a heavy smoker, you could chain smoke e-cigs all day at your desk without anyone in the office complaining. No more messy ashtrays lying around the house. Your hair and skin doesn’t stink. I would also say your breath doesn’t stink, but more accurately your lungs don’t stink. If you have a non smoking partner, by switching to e-cigs you’ll become a whole lot more attractive. If you’re on the dating scene, you’re technically a non smoker.

This is technology at its finest, it has the potential to shake the foundations of the tobacco empire. This is why the FDA, the American Lung Association and Tobacco companies are trying their best to get e-cigs banned. Shake a tree and the rotten apples will fall! Clearly if electronic cigarettes have taught us anything, it’s who not to trust with our health. They (all apposed) realise the huge taxation losses that would result if e-cigs (God forbid) were to find favor in the market place. Medical tests conclude that an e-cig poses 1% of the health risks of a traditional toxic cigarette. Meanwhile the FDA are trying to spread propaganda, well as the late Bob Marley put it “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time…”. This is very true, I don’t think there is very much the Tobacco empire can do to prevent the flood gates opening because even though they have the average smoker in their clutches, a great deal of smokers were tricked into starting in the first place, and actually don’t want to die a premature and painfully slow death from tobacco related illness. So FUCK the FDA.

Overall I highly recommend anyone wanting to try ecigs to consider getting an Ego or Riva or Tornado, these are designed for the heavy smoker in mind. If you want a slimmer model, I recommend the Joye 510 (also suitable for ladies).  I’m not an advertising site, so please use Google to search for the type of electronic cigarettes I’ve recommended. The best guidance can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes explained

  1. Easiest way to quite smoking, and best thing since food. 🙂 Once you go e cig, you never go back. Quite altogether on your own time with no stress, or just have a good vape. Either way, you can go out and run a mile afterwords 🙂

  2. Nice post. It’s nice when people like yourself put the truth out there amongst all the propaganda. Nice job on the ECF link as well, could help people who get the idea from you on the learning curve.

  3. Great informative piece on e-cigarettes. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago and my daughter 2 weeks ago, thanks to the electronic cigarette, a true life saver! I had tried to quit my pack and half a day habit numerous times over the years with the following NRTs:
    Nicoderm Patch
    Nicoderm Gum
    Nicotrol Inhaler
    All money WASTED, not to mention the mental anguish, shame and hopelessness I felt with each failure.
    The cigarette had me fully in it’s grip…the ball and chain, isolating me from friends, family and co-workers. Dragging me outside in the rain, snow, sleet, heat…you name it.
    I became even more depressed when I started getting winded easily, having a hard time catching my breath and then diagnosed with COPD…still I couldn’t quit.
    Third week into not smoking and I don’t even miss them, it’s totally amazing. I am already breathing easier and I have NO desire to ever light up another cigarette. These are truly miraculous devices! When I first started “vaping”, I was using 24 mg of nicotine, now I’m at 12 and sometimes even use 0. I can easily seeing myself going down to 0 and staying there.
    The best part of my experience so far? The hugs I get from my grandkids and hubby saying how proud they are of me….I laugh to myself and think, it ain’t me baby..it’s the e-cig.
    Thanks for spreading the news, my hope is that more and more people will find out about the e-cig and gain freedom from them.

  4. I smoked 2 1/2 PAD for 27 years, and quit from the moment I tried my first e-cig… that was almost 2 months ago. I haven’t even wanted an olf-fashioned cigarette, not once. The e-cig is so much BETTER in every way.

    No smoke & tar, means no harm. All that’s left in e-cigs is nicotine which is about as “dangerous” as caffeine. I’m not at all worried about it.

    Great article! And articles like this are needed because every smoker needs to know that a real choice exists. I think e-cigs are BRILLIANT!

  5. Good to read something informative about e-cigs for a change.

    I started vaping 6 weeks ago, and after smoking for 40 years, I’ve finally been able to quit tobacco altogether. Unbelievable! I never thought I could do it.

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